We Respect Every Woman Because

(Sameer Ali Khan, karachi)

We live in that culture where we respect every woman because our religious tell us the value of woman but when its come on any political aggressive mission we forget everything and craticise on woman here I want to ask every one is there any new thing happen when Maryam Nawaz reached federal judicial academy a female officer of capital police officer, ASP Arsla salim received her and presented her a salute after she disembarked from her car on such treatment every political party and people showed anger and posted comment on social media inexplicable why private official protocol with police saluting as she goes to appear before criminal investigation.

I just want to ask is this act is disgusting is this act is new in Pakistan history there are many such kind of treatment given to power full personality of Pakistan so I just want to say don’t target the personality of woman police officer if opposition party want to change the culture so they have to set examples.

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