Burhan - ud - Din Wani’s Martyrdom and Indian Atrocities

(Sarwar, lahore)

The Kashmiris are resolute to throw away the yolk of slavery thrusted upon them through a fraudulent Annexation document (The copy of which is never shown by Bharat at any forum since 1948). The Indian Army’s actions to control the Kashmiri up-risingn have turned into worst type of atrocities committed specially during the past eight months (Killed = over 200, Pelet blinds = over 1,000, Wounded = 20,000, Arrested = 25,000, 122 days’s continuous Curfew in Srinagar and surrounding areas. Moreover property/crops worth billions of rupees have been damaged/destroyed, Acute shortage of eatables/medicine) have brought untold miseries to the besieged Kashmiris. The barbaric activities of Indian forces have been suppoted by the Indian government and most of the opposition parties. Intermittent strikes /shut down ,by the Kashmiris have proved that they are determined to throw away 69 old yolk of slavery under the most barbaric rule by over 750,000 Indian soldier and some 500,000 Para-military forces. The celebration of the first Martyrdom ceremony of the great but young martyr Burhan-ud- Din Wani has enfused new spirit in the ongoing Freedom movement. The movement has not only spread to rural areas but it has engulfed various segments especially the youth i.e. school/college male and female students.

The UNO despite her many Resolutions regarding grant of right of plebiscite, could not force Bharat to honour her commitments. Many other organizations working for human rights/grounds could not pressurise India to stop cruelties and fulfill the promise made regarding Right of Plebiscite to the Kashmiris. It is more than 69 years that the Kashmiris are crying for freedom – an inalienable right under Charter of Human Rights. Presently even the conscientious and sane persons on our globe are also mum and deaf over the atrocities by the Indian occupant forces busy in setting news records.

Ever since Trump’s success as President of US (Claimant of Champion of Democracy, Guardian of Human Rights) Bharat has stepped her atrocities in IOK. Incidents of indiscrininate firing/killing of youth specially girl students, have increased in severity and magnitude. Instead of forcing India to stop the cruel rule in IOK, Trump, during Moodi’s visit (Previously Moodi was termed as “Terrorist” by US and his entry was banned in US. Moreover the international media had graded him as the “Top madman” and “One of the top ten terrorists on the globe”) to US, applauded his efforts to crush the Freedom Movement.

Moreover US has not only disregarded the Human Rights of the Kashmiris but also declared Pir Syed Slah-ud-Din as Terrorist. However, the Kashmiris are sure that they would very soon win the long cherished and inalienable right of freedom irrespective of the blood-bath they have to pass through.

The Pakistanis winning freedom in August 1947 are providing all possible political, moral and diplomatic support to the Movement. However, it is sure that the present “Intifada” movement, being purely indigenous will soon bear fruit. The sooner the occupant Indian forces read “Writings on the wall” the better it would be for peace and tranquility of the region.

In the end I would request Pakistan Media to hold maximum talk shows about the Kashmir Issue, and stress upon Pakistan Government to gear up all possible efforts to enlighten the sane persons of the world about the atrocities in Kashmir. The Government should also issue "Yadgari Ticket" bearing photograph of Buhan – ud – Din Wani. A week of “Solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris be observed by Pakistan Government.

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