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Recently a common flag has been projected by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that tells the whole story of the visit of the Trump Regime at the cost of the Muslims blood bathing and initiating a continuous conflict successfully that may not be resolved by the puppets Muslim Ummah and their allies for many years.

This war mongering will naturally benefit the war lovers and the arms racers and the ammunition sellers that will drain the whole wealth of the Muslims into the West or the American Banks and the Muslims would just repent if awakened after a century or late.

The deal and the cost of the visit of Donald Trump has been published for the eye opening of the Muslims World who have been lauding much on their friendship with the West or the US not alone with the arms deal but the first opening announcement of Donald Trump that the Muslims of the 7 countries would not enter the US as they are the (terrorist) or have close relationship with and are the major threat to the US and its allies.

If we call it the historic success of the US and its allies it would not be the exaggeration of the facts nor the US enmity just on blame games.

After the successful operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and then Syria now the guns have been turned towards the Iran and the Qatar with the same allegations of having close relationship with the terrorists or having funding the terrorist’s regimes.

Now the leadership has been handed over to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to lead the United Islamic Armies of the Muslims to kill the terrorists and their so called allies. Among them the leading one is indirectly the Iran that had suffered a lot at the time of Iran Iraq War, a blood bath of more than 0.8 million of Irani citizens, capital loss of worth trillions with having untold stories of miseries that could never be managed or compensated nor there are the words to explain these barbarianism imposed on Iran just to teach the Muslims a lesson.

The war imposed on the Iran did not pay the Muslims but it paid a lot worth billions and trillions to the arms race mongers who had initiated it for their vested interests that they had met successfully. The war continued for about 8 years and the Muslims regimes enjoyed it very much as a cricket match or the football matches over the killing of more than 1.5 million people on both sides.

Some think tanks and the intellectuals had the idea that the war imposed on both Iran and Iraq would have a lot of lesson for the Muslims to be conscious for the future relationship and to resolve their territorial issues amicably and prefer to come to the table talk.

How much the Muslims have learned out of it the above said introduction of the article and its narrative has cleared it all.


The real issue the Muslim World facing is the corruption .The corrupt regimes of the Muslim countries sitting and holding the power and have more their economic assets and the wealth in the West or the US Banks that is hard to be refund or shifted in their own banks.

The Muslims should have one point agenda that it is the Islam that can ensure each to have his/her right not the democracy the fraudulent system of exploitation of the poor that makes the elite billionaires and the majority the beggars.

If democracy were the helpful it would have resolved many of our issues and such kids had gone to school rather to beg on road. His parents had never been heard nor helped to have their constitutional rights so he had been sent to begging not to school.

Why he is not seen and heard by the rulers the answer is very simple, the system that needs to keep the commons as the workers with just one job, just work and vote on the directives of their Lords and the Saien, the Chaudries, the Chhattas,the Gondals, the Benazirs, the Waraich, the Tiwanas, the Maliks, the Jatois, the Blores, the Doltanas, the Lagharis, the Mullahs and many Din Froshs who are ever ready to protect the wrong and call each accountability if acted as the revenge against the democrats who have served the country a lot and engaged in providing their services to the people and resolving their problems.

They unanimously allege the courts that they are made the victims with some planning and the networking of the king makers.

But these rulers and their puppets who black mail the people and minting billions of funding in the name of development funds never tell the people their developed projects nor give them the access to have seen and register their say on those very projects worth billions per year.

Thus by doing so in the name of loving democracy they eat up billions of funding with kind consideration of the judiciary, the admin and the PAC and the relevant institutions, FIA,NAB,SECP,CBR etc.

According to a recent report published by Rauf Klasara, about one thousand billions payment were made to the IPPs without meeting any rules of business and the chairman of the standing committee, Salim Mandiwala just laughed at that looting of the national economy. It was disclosed with a reference to a recent payment of more than 40 billion to the IPPs by the orders of the Ishaq Dar, without meeting the prerequisite procedures. Interestingly, the committee did not take up the case nor showed its anger on the payment because earlier payments of billions were made on the directives of the PPP with whom Salim Mandiwala had love affairs luckily till continued the same.

If one goes through the PAC findings he would become made to have seen the tricky looting of the rulers and their allied department with no say, no fear of any check or the accountability.

This all sort of looting and misusing of the powers is an evidence of the failure of the loving democracy but an irrefutable evidence of looting the poor in the name of democracy, the human rights, the women rights, the gender rights, the children rights, the women empowerment and much more.

In fact the democracy is a lullabying tricky game of looting and bluffing the poor and the needy of a society with lucrative slogans and high promises to keep them waiting and using them as the machine tools of the rich and the rulers and the elites who had no concern with the poverty and its crisis and its impact on the common men, the women, the youth, the children who are denied their constitutional rights and rejected to have their economic sharing in the national economy.

Moreover, this tricky democracy with its modern technological and scientific strategies almost designed or directed by the donors or the IMF or the World Bank do another game of dividing the society into two major groups under the banner of the SAP, Structural Adjustment Programmes that means to segregate the two genders into two groups with having their access to their jobs assigned and designed by the rulers, the male dominated regimes.

These regimes mostly declare the specific and the selected jobs for the women and the youth and prefer to have hold on the major and the more beneficiary jobs which ultimately deny the major lot of the country to remain in to the specific or the selected roles. This biasness of the rulers also disregards the basic rights of the working women in small, medium or the large scale factories that whether the institutions have met the labour laws and the women are provided their basic rights of working especially the mothers who suffer a lot because of their poverty reasons, leave their kids, their old parents, their elders, with having no access to traveling facilities, wash rooms, retiring rooms, canteens, dispensaries, discrimination, sexual harassments, blackmailing for the promotion or the job seeking and their say for making the working places secure and protected.

The SAP that are the directives of the loaning agencies or the World Bank or the IMF have least concern with such facilities but prefer to have their demands filled such as to have cash crops cultivated and sold to their agents or the companies.

The SAP’s directives also deal and decides the future crops cultivation and the concerned seeds, the fertilizers, the sprays and using of their technologies for having more cash crops production to have relief in loan payments and the related interest.

Thus the major jobs are assigned to the male dominated areas and the small scale and the lower paid to the women and the youth.

The rural women who spent more than 16 hours working in the rural sector, fetching water, managing food, fodder, milking, cleaning, taking care of the children, cooking, cutting crops and husking the rice production is considered just as the coworker or the subordinate or the most obedient servants to their male partners but with no thanks, no rewards.

These rural women who are the major producers of our agricultural production that we call the back bone of our economy have never been registered in the national register not lauded in the national assembly or at any major front as the equal gender with equal rights.

Their working hours are almost ignored and uncounted with compare to the male. It is all the product of a particular sexism and its sexist behavior to the other genders of the society called the patriarchal doctrine headed and protected by the male genders of the society having authority and validity to assign the roles and responsibilities of the women, what to do.

Thus when we talk about the fruits and the results of the democracy we forget about the women let behind with no right to be heard and counted.

The democracy was just an alternative to the old ruling kingdoms (Malukiat) the worst kind of exploitation, changed on the basis of Law of Necessity to save the entire loss that could have gone with the winds of the Marxist Revolutionary Movements that toppled the Czar’s Regimes and turned the half Europe into the Marxists oriented doctrine till existing and ruling in major European countries.

The present Europe that sustain and claims to have fulfilled the promise with the people have not met the overall rights of the people because it is the mixture of the democracy and the socialist theory that forced the ruler to give something to the workers otherwise loose all that you have.

If the democracy had been a successful and the progressive strategy to have sustained and resolved the basic problems of the society it would had major problems resolved and more probably made the planet free of wars and the conflicts and the people had learnt the art of dialogue rather relying on the guns, bombs, missiles, rockets for resolving their territorial or the regional or the world over issues and the conflicts.

Thus the existing democracy with the doctrine of the Capitalistic Holding have one objective to get and that is minting at the cost of the people, cheap labour, more profit, the true picture of the socalled democracy. It could not resolve its domestic issues of employment, shelter, wages, healthcare, women’s rights. It till now has more than a million women and the youth sex slaved in its territories for which recovery and their honourable return to their homelands have not been managed. These all women are now the component of their sex industry for which the whole world media have cried a lot including the NBC with no hearing and counting of their voices. So, talking about the democracy is interesting to the ruling elites or the big guns who can easily exploit the poor such as the majority of the Pakistanis are exploited for the last 70 years with no say. However, we saw and we see it till now that the democracy has the art to make the rich the richer and the poor the poorer.

According to these rulers who have minted billions and trillions of funding in the name of poverty elimination and turning the poor into a sustainable living, having access to justice as the equal gender with equal rights and respect in the society remains a nice dream that never come true.

The best example is the story of the Pakistan where the majority of the people do not have access to any kind of justice for the last 70 years; they are in a waiting list. But unfortunately or the luckily the 2 percent of rulers have more than 90% access to the economic rights including the rights to have the government with having the right to be elected or selected twice or thrice or fourth time in the power with the same promises and the lucrative slogans for the poor.

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