The ‘Mysterious’ Raymond Davis

(Shehryar Khan, )

By Muzaffar Ahmed

It took almost six years for Raymond Davis to normalize his breath before he launched his book full of stories of his bravery, resilience, zeal, emotions and acts in the line of patriotism to uphold constitution of United States. After the book becoming viral on social media in few days and reading it, one is bound to think the motives behind such release. Its objectives seem very clear; i.e. agitate the masses about government of Pakistan and other authorities’ decision to spare a murderer; delude the sense of success against terrorism and frustrate confidence of people in their Army and security agencies; create and score the benefits of civil – military rift; highlight socio religious cleavages and their support for extremists’ mindset and last but not the least - to project Raymond Davis as the winner of the episode.

It is also important to relate the publishing of book which is done through renowned propagandist publishers, L Garson and M Wright. Specially at a time period once Pakistan is busy facing its domestic challenges (Panama-JIT issue, re-emergence of wave of terrorism after a long pause), regional turbulences (issues with India, Afghanistan and Iran) and international pressures (US blaming and thrusting Pakistan responsible for its reverses in Afghanistan, threatening for cuts in aids / grants and turn the already given aids / grants into loans for paying back, re-commencement of drone strikes). In the prevalent environment faced by Pakistan, the above intended objectives of the hostile actors seem to be achieved more comfortably through release of such content.

Analyzing the literature, its context and underlying intent; it can be safely concluded that author’s personal emotional responses related to matrimonial romantic gestures, issues of Pakistani judicial system and other social problems remain very much near reality; however, rest of the stories about dealings by Polices authorities, Military and ISI are more of fabrications and twisting of the facts on the behest of his masters. Readers must glance on book’s credibility - ironically, last week the hard copy of book was worth $24.99, today its $16.99. To my perception, it wouldn't be a surprise after a month, the book being sold at $2.99 and then likely as 'buy one get one free'.

To put the records straight, the book generates many questions which need to be answered by author and his masters. DoesUS Embassy and its Consulates employ the security contractors at their work places – the way Raymond Davis associated with DynCorp International was employed? For a moment, if we accept Raymond Davis as a private security contractor and not a CIA agent, then why it turned so desperate that the case of individual was put in US President’s daily brief (PDB) in just days’ timeand more so, the President had to impress diplomatic immunity for the defaulter in one of hisaddress.

An unusual fiasco and distress at state level on the issue leadscommon man to presume that Raymond Davis was perhaps on some very confidential mission in Pakistan–may be OBL. Why was there such a desperate need that Consulate General Carmela had to visit Raymond every single day or alternately? Why Raymond still didn’t clarify his job description at US Consulate Lahore in the released book? Who fed Raymond Davis to precisely state pre and post 9/11 US aids given to Pakistan? Why the role of ISI has been dubbed as pro-Taliban particularly at this time?

Though, as Pakistanis, we can’t allow any outsider to demean our President, Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, ISI Chief and other state authorities and institutions, but absolving the President Zardari from the Raymond Davis episode (acrimony for granting diplomatic immunity or not - resulting foreign minister’s resignation)and Hussain Haqqani from issuing open visas to US citizens indicates wicked designs of the author.Does it look sane to think thatISI Chief be personally sitting in a court room to monitor Raymond’s prosecution activities? If it is so then Raymond Davis has done nothing but clarified the SOPs being followed by CIA.

Despite being emotional romanticist, propagandist and macho man, there are few things which Raymond Davis has rightly pointed out our issues as nation. Our slow and in effective judicial system, capacity lacking of our Police and mob mentality as a nation in general and purporting extremism using religious platforms in particular. His observations being a subject have their own weight.

The police officers detailed with the accused were under – confident, lacking matching language skills, incapable to read the profile of accused and thus forth unable to extract what actually was needed to build the case. Frustration of even a high profile accused was genuine once he thought of years and decades old lingering cases in Pakistani judicial system. As a nation it is our sad story, however, just pessimism or criticism is not the solution. We need to move forward with devotion and positive spirit.

Raymond complained for vehicles in Pakistan withdiplomatic license plates to be pulled over frequently, stopped and then harassed to a greater degree than the other cars on the road. Such an innocent nag by a foreigner who doesn’t realize that a nation facing menace of terrorism for two decades due to domestic and international intrusions and paying prices of human lives every day or week can’t be so relaxed to let the unauthorized agents roam and act freely.

The book is not only a manifestation of 5th Generation Warfare propaganda by hostile agencies but alsoan attempt by a person to redeem his position in the US society which he lost after not paid enough from CIA on retirement, getting under huge debt of $700K, separation from his wife Rebecca, 30 companies rejected his re-employment CV, twice attempted failed suicide attempts in April 2012 and so on….

We need to be cognizant that what all had been happening in Pakistan and is happening; are not automated snowball effect events. These all are deliberately planned and well-orchestrated with billions of dollars investments in proxies, civil society, media and on politicians. Further, usages of such like individualsby hostile agencies for their agendas are not new.Thus it needs our critical attention to safeguard ourselves from such propaganda drives.

Unfortunately, few of our politicians are getting impressed with the book and using it as an opportunity to play their politics against oppositions and the others are running away from their responsibilities. Getting impressed and succumbed to falsifications of a defaulter would be tantamount to success of hostile agencies. Above all, besides the military leadership and ISI, the political leadership of that time played very crucial role in Raymond Davis case; however, now taking a back seat by the political clout will be exact fulfillment of hostile designs of their orchestrators.

As a nation we should not accept any criticism or finger pointing towards our civil and military leadership. We have sacrificed a lot due to disunity, extremism and terrorism. Now is the time to give strong message to these hostile actors that we are united and they can’t subdue Pakistan with such sticks and tricks.

The author is a freelance columnist from Sargodha.


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