Reality or fabrication

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

A few days back book written by Raymond Davis named “The contractor, How I landed in Pakistan”. A film flamed book by a spy who shot two Pakistanis in Lahore and caught by Punjab Police.The book contains personal experiences about the period of deputation in Pakistan.

Before jumping to the conclusion, one should remain neutral before and after reading this book.

The book was in PDF format.This book has title of Jamat-e-Islami people holding play cards protesting against Raymond Davis. The said book as I read, is full of controversies in it. This was most controversial issue not forgotten yet. Instead of publishing this book on or in paper back this book is readily available in PDF format which means the writer is not concerned about the book either he is concerned about his message to be conveyed to people as much as possible.

In his book he tried to fabricate the history by narrating his identity as a private security rather than a trained professional.History cannot be distorted as American Newspapers have also printed his identity as paid employee of Central Intelligence Agency CIA, world renowned intelligence agency of America.
He wanted to prove him as an innocent guy and he was right in murdering two men publically on main road.

He wrote he had doubt on the boys who were following him and shot them in his defense (even they have not attacked him). On the other hand he wrote the man was just pulling out his gun. He has not been attacked by anyone.He shot two men and then made pictures of them. Ordinary or private security guards either trained or untrained never think about doing this.He also wrote that he was unable to understand Urdu or Punjabi. On the other hand, he wrote that he understood people were talking in Urdu or Punjabi that simply means he not only understands Urdu but can differentiate between Urdu and Punjabi.

In the whole book, Raymond Davis never forgets his testimonials. The era when the incidence occurred was the most sensitive time for Pakistan. War on terror was continued. This incidence has created a lapse in Pakistan-US diplomatic ties. It was need of the hour, to release him in best possible way so that diplomatic relations between the two countries retain. To settle the whole issue in best interest of the country, the law of “Diyat” was commenced. Raymond Davis even not left a single line without criticizing Islam.

The writer of the said book knew that Pakistani people never wanted him free and they would hate anyone who they know is Pro-American. People of Pakistan will consider any Pro-American as betrayer.

There is a common saying “Betrayer are hated even by those whom, they benefit”. Keeping in mind this statement, Raymond Davis tried to portray former Director General (DG) Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha being stilt towards US benefits. By trying to defame ISI, there is a practical approach to defame the most prestigious institution of Pakistan.

As far as lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha is concerned, he was “the beast that always goes never wants blow”. This is a common secret that General Pasha wasone of the most efficient DG of ISI and he served his best. In his era after Raymond Davis being caught, ISI was able to capture many others and CIA was unable to continue its operations in Pakistan.

Pakistani’s are well aware of their institutions and they know that dignity of Pakistan lay on the blood of the martyr.

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