Catch the theives in all parties but....

(Asim, Karachi)

Pakistan's political parties should not defend the theives. But it is very disappointing that if there is any allegation on any party leader almost all party members come to defend him. i can write this all knows the reality than also they defend because if they will no do so they can't gain the money ( i will not write here ministry because all want money no one is ready to pay whole attention to his job. there is blast but our interior ministry and cheif minister of the province were with rally). on the other hand it is much difficult for an honest man to be in politics. The merit of minister ship we can see in present cabnit of PM Abbasi. All the faces who were not in cabnit before has been awarded a ministry after PANAMA case verdict. Faces we used to see outside supreme court who were abusing and threating are minister now this is our merit. Now if an honest man wants to be in politics he should see the merit first and than decide either he can do the above discussed or not than he should decide.

Yes we were talking about the theives in parties. if somebody will talk about Mr. Muhammad Nawaz sharif all PMLN's leaders come to defend knowing what they are doing and the thing they are defending is write or wrong. The people which are around their leaders should have courage to point out the mistakes of their leaders and should asked them if their is some allegation, in present they are not forgiving the supreme court and judges but some party members are asking to stop the attack on institutions unfortunatly they are less in numbers. The same situation is in other parties.

I remember and it is on the record when the panama scandle came Nawaz sharif sb spoke to the nation two times and in national assembly as well. He told the source of income in detail and said he is ready to prove at any platform. But unfortunatly he couldn't prove and the result is all we know.

Now let see if there will be any change in the political parties or it will go bad to worse.
Pray for pakistan and we should try individually to change ourself.

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