Do not Malign Institutions

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

Mr. Nawaz Sharif; ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, was disqualified by the unanimous decision of the apex court of Pakistan on 28th July. He resigned and marched on GT road. During his mission, he and his loyals criticized the verdict and tried to make the Supreme court controversial. He tried to challenge the credibility of honourable judges. And frequently uttered a question that why he had been sent home?

All the state was busy in providing him the protocol. Most of the ministers were abusing the institutions of Pakistan, in love of their disqualified lord. And now they have filed an appeal in the same Supreme court whom they have been denouncing and depricating for two weeks. You have a legitimate right to criticize or file an appeal against the verdict. But does this mean to the malign an independent institution of land?

If you get a verdict in your favour. Then, all the judges are very honest, impartial and just. And if unfortunately, it does not come out as you planned. Then, the whole case was plotted. It means we only support the fact that ultimately supports us. Otherwise, the whole system is stratagem.

You may disagree with the findings but not at the cost of state insitituions. Individuals do not matter but, institutions do. Therefore, the chine of smearing the judiciary must be checked. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

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