China’s prompt response warrants seriousness

(Marya Mufty, Lahore)

Chinese people are a breed of cool and cold combination. They don’t react immediately and take days and weeks to respond to the happenings around. But Trump’s Afghan Policy announcement was so serious a matter, the Chinese Foreign Minister considered it a matter as urgent as it came out with a prompt response. As President Trump’s policy focus was mainly Pakistan – observers consider it a veiled declaration of war on Pakistan – China came to the rescue of Islamabad and exposed the lies told by Trump during his speech, which hailed India instead, without shedding blood of not more than a few individuals. On the other hand Pakistan has sacrificed lives of over 75,000 people; hundreds of thousands are crippled and wounded, psychological effects are innumerable. China has rightly said no country has offered so much contribution other than Pakistan towards saving the rest of the world from the menace of terrorism. How can Pakistan sponsor terrorism, or offer terrorists’ safe havens when it is itself worst victim of terrorism? Thank you China!

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