Can a Human’s Life Be Equal to Dollars?

(Ali Alvi, )

Pakistan has lost over 75,000 of its people in the war against terror, since 9/11. The war has cost Pakistan over $1 trillion so far. Two generations have suffered; psychological traumas and injuries of thousands and crippling of hundreds are damages unending. Yet the US President says America in return has paid Pakistan billions and billions of dollars. Is he saying he paid Pakistan for deaths it suffered in the war? Can a human’s life be equal to dollars? Are Pakistanis hirelings? Do you consider Pakistan Army a mercenary force? Do we fight and die for dollars? What a disgrace! Can Trump ask 75,000 American citizens to step forward and die, and in return they and their families would be paid dollars as a price of their blood? What a joke! Are Pakistanis not equal to Americans? Is the blood of a Pakistani citizen is cheaper than the blood of an American?

Mr Trump, this we did not fight for dollars. There is no price of sacrifice, friendship and sincerity. We fought the war to save you, your country and our country to save the world from the menace of terrorism. In your speech you must have enumerated the numbers of our sufferings and of any other countries. Is there any match of Pakistan? Our martyrs saved you. They let no 9/11 happen again on the soil of America. Instead we the Pakistanis faced a 9/11 every third month, since 2001. Yet you say we are providing safe havens to your enemies? Have a heart. Show some wisdom.
Alya Alvi, Rawalpindi


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