TORONTO: Since when we expect the HUMAN BEASTS to rise and serve humanity in reality?

Instead of looking towards the enemies of Muslims and humanity, why don't we look towards the Muslim states, leaders and the MUSLIM WORLD.

If you ask me, I will directly hold responsible the Muslim World for all the cruelties and brutalities against Muslims and their massacre.

Silence of the Muslim World shows that they are partners in crimes against Muslims and humanity. They have a mind and tongue which work for the enemies and devil.

The Muslim army generals and leaders go to Saudi Arabia, puppet of the enemies of Muslims, to US, UK and other places because they get MONEY AND HONEY from there.

By helping, supporting and protecting the helpless and innocent Rohingyas and Muslims and others elsewhere in similar condition and situation they will get nothing.

In the holy Quran, God has told His followers that it is their duty and responsibility to help, support, protect and serve the innocent and helpless people. Are we following the command of God? What in reality we are doing is disobeying God.

Children of Muslim Rohingyas are being beheaded and buried alive. Not only the Rohingyas in Myanmar (Burma), the helpless and innocent Muslim Children are being mercilessly killed by the heavy bombardments and wild shooting causing mass killing and massive destruction.

When I asked a veteran army officer about killing of helpless and innocent people during wars, he stared at, remained silent for a moment and then said: “The governments are responsible. We just follow the orders.”. They follow the orders of their governments but ignore the orders of God. They are brainwashed and don’t listen to their conscience. Which is important the order of God or the government? While God asks the good people to serve and protect helpless people, the orders of governments result in killing of millions. By doing this, they become enemies of God and humanity.

While our hearts bleed because of the massacre, those who can help including particularly the Muslim leaders and army generals are doing nothing and just shedding crocodile tears. The shameless and immoral Muslim leaders and army generals, who are helping the enemies of Rohingyas and helpless and innocent people, stand fully exposed. Instead of weapons, they need bangles and ornaments. Because of their character, they deserve this.

I know this very well that my voice and writing will not affect them at all because their conscience are dead and they just need power, money and honey.

As founder of the SHIR (Serve Humanity In Reality), it is my duty and responsibility to keep writing,, fighting and shouting against the army of evils and for help, support and protection for the helpless and innocent people irrespective of their religion, race and colour. We all must do what we can do. Such contributions will definitely bring a change. Nowadays, Nobel Prizes for humanity and peace are being used as weapons. They are given to people who serve the vested interests of the enemies of mankind and humanity.

Just look what good people and leaders say:

“Norwegian Nobel Committee: Aung San Suu Kyi should be stripped of Nobel Peace Prize immediately

“AUNG SAN SUU KYI is an apologist for genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass rape. For the past year, Aung San Suu Kyi has been State Counselor, or de facto head of government, in Myanmar, where members of the Rohingya Muslim minority in the northern Rakhine state have been shot, stabbed, starved, robbed, raped and driven from their homes in the hundreds of thousands. In December, while the world focused on the fall of Aleppo, more than a dozen Nobel Laureates published an open letter warning of a tragedy in Rakhine “amounting to ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”

Is this situation and condition not the work of the devil and their touts (The Muslim leaders and army generals, because of whom the Muslims are suffering badly, being harmed and killed


Instead of watching helplessly, we must do whatever we can to help the helpless and innocent ones. We can protests regularly in front of the Myanmar embassies and consulates, demand break of diplomatic and all ties with Myanmar till it stops the genocide and massacre of Rohingyas.

Beheading of small children and them alive is a serious crime against humanity. We must demand immediate stop of all such merciless acts. I could not imagine that the Burmese rulers so cruel and proving human beasts. We must help, support and protect by all means the good humans from the human beasts.

Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Prize winner, too critisized Aung San Suu Kyi for speaking and working against Rohingyas. She condemned the violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar.

This is not enough. Malala is in a position on raising the burning issue on all important platforms. Rohingyas and the helpless and innocent people need her strong voice and support. She can do a lot. Now is the testing time for her to prove whether she is working for humanity or the human beasts. Leaders like her can attract attention of the world.

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