BRICS Declaration

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

If you run from reality for long enough, you can land up in a place where it is next to impossible to find your way back. We have always been accused of nurturing, training, supporting and nestling violent militant groups in our homeland. For more than a quarter century, we have been combating with the grim of terrorism and on the other hand, confronting all the accusations. All the superpowers, UN security council and most recently BRICS declaration has charged us once again.

But what is our response? Same old denying of the allegations with posing a narrative that this is an imputation by the enemies of Pakistan. What a misery that China; considered to be the best ally of Pakistan that meant to stand by us. And by China we have CPEC, which is our road to prosperity, something received as a gift, not earned through one's own smarts and conscience. That China has added its voice to the list of those countries pointing out that the presence of militant groups in Pakistan is a problem.

Does all this international narrative should be rejected for once? Or we need to look in our rows honestly; the elements bringing nothing except humiliation. It has become an act of wilful schizophrenia to deny it now. There is no doubt in the sacrifices of wealth and security personals. But there is still a room to do in shaping a counternarrative against the anti-Pakistan approach.

The situation could be fixed if you realize the faults at your end. But there is a reason why Pakistan has had such a difficult time getting the world to recongnise this simple reality. Because we have been lying to ourselves and our allies about the nature of our involvement in this war all along. If Abbottabad didn't establish this, surely the death of Mullah Akhtar Mansour on Pakistani soil, with Pakistani credentials in his pocket, did.

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