Institutionalize the Institutions!

(Muhammad Aized, Lahore)

The appointment of Chairman NAB is a hot topic these days. The major political parties are trying their best to form a consensus on this issue. But the question to be asked is; should one accused be allowed to appoint an investigator or judge for one's ownself? It is not just alarming but ridiculous too. The Chairman NAB has a 22nd grade but the irony is that no officer of NAB could be promoted to this seat. And the reason is understandable; the obligee can not contest the obligor, simple.

The solution to this ever-emerging debate needs a pragmatic approach rather than giving preferences to political interests. And the permanent answer to the popping question is; NAB should be made an independent institution just like military and judiciary. The most competent of the lot should be carried to the distinct posts and without any political influence impartiality could be upheld. The nexus of power is really disastrous. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It should be dilvulged rather than a single majestic dominance.

And why just only NAB? All the other institutions must be made autonomous. The reason behind corruption is nepotism and hurdles of partiality. All the institution should cross-examine each other positively. No one should be condemned unheard. But one should be penalized when proved guilty. These are the international standards and should be promalgated in letter and spirit.

Election Commission of Pakistan, SECP, SBP, IB, PTV, Police, Bureaucracy and all the other institutions should be made incontrovertible and unprejudiced. So that the whole nation can believe the legal process with closed eyes. It is too difficult but not unachievable. It needs a consistent resolve and undeviating struggle for national cause by putting the vested interests aside. It is the only way to ensure a Pakistan based on the Quaid's vision and Iqbal's dream.

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