Desatabilization of Balance of Power in South Asia

(Muhammad Fareed, Lahore)

American president, in his announcement of Afghan and South Asia new policy labelled Pakistan a country having safe havens for terrorists and has nominated India to look after Afghan peace in the area. The whole world knows that Pakistan has suffered a lot in this wave of terrorism. After 9/11, Pakistan is continuously striving against terrorism and thousands of people have laid down their lives for the national cause.

Operation “Rah-e-Rast” , operation “Zarb-e-Azb” and operation in South Waziristan is a proof of Pakistan’s war against terrorism. Besides Indian intervention in Pakistan through Afghanistan or Iran is not a hidden fact.

Keeping the above mentioned facts in view, labelling Pakistan as safe haven for terrorists is in no way justified. It will a denial of sacrifices presented by Pakistan against terrorism. Moreover, American tilt towards India may unbalance power in the area.

Pakistan should bring round the world about her role in the war against terrorism. America’s double standards may destabilize balance of power in South Asia. It will only result in empowerment of terrorist elements.

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