The Parasites

(Sarwar, Lahore)

A couple of months ago, Mamnoon Hussain, President ISLAMI JAMHURIA PAKISTAN, during his speech had astonished the audience about the likely effective cleansing operations against the corrupt rulers. The audiace were bewildered that, of all the Pakistanis, President Mamnoon Hussain, was breaking the news awaited since many decades. Thanks to Panama and the JIT appointed by the Supreme Court that the nation had some idea about the volume of looted money by “Sharif Brotheraan”, their innocent offspring, and Finace Minister Ishaq Dar!!

The Supreme Court decreed “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is disqualified”. Consequently he was debarred to head his PML (N). But the loyalist politicians and his “Hawaris” stood behind him and passed a law, enabling a “Disqualified Prime Minister” to become president of PML (N). It amounts to clear cut violation of Supreme Court’s order and of the Constitution of Pakistan. These politicians, with the exception of a few, through collective wisdom, have proved among many others things, that they are “One and stand united to protect the Corrupts”, no matter even if they take the looted money abroad and that too worth billions of Pounds/Dollars. They are least concerned that their performance viz-a viz the annual budget of the Parliament (which runs into trillions of rupees) is zero.

The Senators and the MNAs, whose attendance record in the Senate and National assembly has been worse than the attendance record of class I of a primary school in the remotest area of Pakistan, are entrusted with very important task. They are there to carryout amendments in the Constitution if needed, and frame rules, regulations whereby the affairs of the country are run in the best possible manner. They not only guide the government but also harness the horse so that instead of going astray, it remains on the right path. It is experienced that their efforts in this regard always centered on personal benefits or party policies. The Election Bill 2017, allows a “Disqualified” person to head a political party. Infact through passage of such Bill these politicians secured their own future. However, this wickedness on their part proved that they, while playing with the Constitution, are not fair with Islam, the State, the poor masses and the “Halaf” they took as Parliamentarians. There is no second thought that they have betrayed Islam, the Constitution and the masses who elected them for such prestegeous positions.

Through Election Bill 2017, the Parliamentarians also nullified a “Halaf Nama” about the Finality of Prophet-hood of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), which every candidate is supposed to submit with the Nomination form while contesting election. Surprisingly Zahid Hamid, the Law Minister, was adamant that the contents of the new form did not differ at all with the already existing “Halaf Nama” _ “A White Lie on the floor of the House”. Talal Ch, compelled by his psyche, played “His master’s tune.” They both lied in front of Media as well. The Law Minister could not dare putting up the amended form at his own. Somebody, may be the “God-father” must have told him to get the amendment passed, without letting the deaf and blind public representatives know about the wickedness.

Alas! The so called Muslim Senators/MNAs of Muslim League (N) and the “Hawari” politicians, did not know what they were voting for!! However, fearing violent reaction from Pakistanis, they later on extended lame excuses!! Mualana Fazal ur Rahman, claimant of “Guardian of Islam, and his MNAs all kept quiet _ shere ignorance or loyalty, yet not clear?? All those responsible for this unpardonable move have violated the Constitution, and the basis of Creation of Pakistan, hence stand DISQUALIFIED!!

The President of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan signed the Amendment! A big question mark _ Should he sign a bill without analyzing it how far it is against Islam, Ideology of Pakistan and the Constitution? Is he only a signing machine? If so such a blind, deaf, dumb and careless figure has no right to remain in the President House. He has also become a party to the covert move whereby a Qadiani can become Prime Minister or President of Pakistan. He has lost moral ground to stay as President even for a day or so!! And the large staff in the Presidency has no justification to be there!! He can follow an honorable option _ resignation!!

All-mighty Allah is kind to foil the dangerous enactment, otherwise, except for a few vigilant politicians, who did not vote for the enactment in general and SHEIKH RASHID, and a few Media persons in particular, all were swayed away by Anti Pakistan elements _ hidden or otherwise. This futile exercise on the part of “Disqualified Nawaz Sharif” to remove “Halaf Nama” has proved vividly that in order to continue with his “King-ship” which will ultimately be converted into “Familcracy” and to please the anti-Islam elements, he can cross any limit – may it be the Constitution or belief in “Finality of the Prophet-hood of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)” or safety of interest of future generations of poor Muslims of Pakistan. All corrupt politicians stood behind him to reap the benefits of DEMOCRACY!!!


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