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A BMI Calculator measures the body weight based on your height and weight. It does not actually cater the percentage of body weight, infact it is a useful tool to predict healthy body weight with respect to your height. It is a widely used diagnostic indicator that can best identify the best weight based on height. The BMI number gives you the information rather you are under weight, normal weight, overweight, overweight or obesity. The accuracy of BMI Calculators is subject to your body type and distribution of muscle and body mass.

The formulas to calculate BMI based on two of the most commonly used unit systems:

Input your height and weight, our calculator will generate an easy-to-read report on your general health status, based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) formula.

Body Mass Index Formula

BMI = weight(kg)/height2(m2) (Metric Units)
BMI = 703·weight(lb)/height2(in2) (U.S. Units)

Class BMI
Underweight Below 18.5M کم وزن
Normal 18.5 - 24.9 نارمل وزن
Overweight 25.0 - 29.9 زیادہ وزن
Obesity Above 30.0 بہت زیادہ وزن

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salman Mon 18 Apr, 2016

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