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Do you want to know your basal metabolic rate? Here is a calculator available for this purpose. A BMR Calculator is based on Mifflin – St. Jeor equation. The BMR Calculator is the amount of energy required while taking a nap in a moderate environment when your digestive system is inactive. In such a situation, the energy is required to maintain the working of vital organs of the body including heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, lungs, sex organs, muscles and skin. The interesting thing about BMR is that it increases with muscle mass and decreases with age.For an accurate BMR Rate, it is necessary to have an inactive nervous system that means a person should be sleeping or taking a nap. Basal metabolism is the largest component of your total calorie requirements.

The BMR in most cases is predictable with equations summarized from statistical data. The most commonly followed formula is the Mifflin - St Jeor equation:

Total number of calories you need in order to maintain your current weight

If you want lose weight, lower your calorie intake. (Reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories per day to lose 2.2 kgs in one week)

If you want to gain body weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn. (Eat an extra 500 calories per day to gain 2.2 kgs in one week)

BMR = 10 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) - 5 * age(y) + 5 (man)
BMR = 10 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) - 5 * age(y) - 161 (woman)

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I am 27 years old and my weight is just 49 kg but this BMR calculator shows me below the average BMR. I am worried, I want to know that how can I do to reach in an average BMR?
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Would you like to tell me what is the advantage to calculate basal metabolic rate of your body, I mean how it effects on our body health condition. I just use the BMI calculator.
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Is there such a thing as 'age-related' BMI? As a person gets older they tend to get 'fatter' (could be related to what they are doing more of of course) so being the 'right weight for height' would get more demanding without some adjustment to guidelines I'd have thought.
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In case you are fitness freak and want to know your accurate BMR then you can definatley use this BMR Calculator For Women and for men online. You can check your ideal weight online as well.
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