Abandoned Meaning in Urdu

Translation is "matruka" and Abandoned synonym words Deserted. Similar words of Abandoned are also commonly used in daily talk like as Abandon, Abandoned Woman and Abandoned Women. Pronunciation roman Urdu is "matruka" and Translation of Abandoned in Urdu writing script is متروکہ.

Abandoned Definition

• AbandonedMeaning In English
  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Abandon
  2. (a.) Forsaken, deserted.
  3. (a.) Self-abandoned, or given up to vice; extremely wicked, or sinning without restraint; irreclaimably wicked ; as, an abandoned villain.

Abandoned Meaning in Urdu

Abandoned is an English language word that is well described on this page with all the important details i.e Abandoned meaning, Abandoned word synonyms, and its similar words. Abandoned meaning in Urdu is متروکہ and Abandoned word meaning in roman can write as matruka. There are several meanings of the Abandoned word and it can be used in different situations with a combination of other words as well. Abandoned meaning is also available in other languages as well as you can also check the spelling of word Abandoned. With the help of this platform, learn the appropriate use of the Abandoned in a sentence.

Abandoned word meaning:

Abandoned is an English language word that means having been deserted or left.

Abandoned meaning in Urdu:

The meaning of Abandoned in Urdu is چھوڑا ہوا

Definition of Abandoned:

Abandoned can be define as to leave a place, thing, or person, usually for ever or to stop doing an activity before you have finished it.

Origin of Abandoned:

The word Abandoned comes from late Middle English: from Old French abandoner, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + bandon ‘control’ (related to ban1). The original sense was ‘bring under control’, later ‘give in to the control of, surrender to’ (abandon (sense 3 of the verb)).

Use Abandoned word in sentence.

Abandoned word meaning describes as unrestrained; uninhibited. Abandoned word sentences can be seen below.

• She had to abandon her car and walk to work after getting stuck in the snow.

• The company has abandoned their takeover bid.

• The village had been hastily abandoned.

This page is offering the platform for all to translate the desired word by using this English to Urdu dictionary, Urdu to English dictionary, and the Roman word translations in available languages. Abandoned word definition is given on the page to provide a fair idea of the word Abandoned completely. Apart from synonyms and definitions, similar words of Abandoned are Abandon, Abandoned Woman and Abandoned Women. Check out this amazing English to Urdu dictionary for more vocabulary to enhance your linguistic skills. Abandoned meaning in Urdu has been searched 80777 (eighty thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven) times till Feb 24, 2021.

تالی بجانا
Taali Bajana
کو انگلش میں کیا کہتے ہیں؟
میں بال کٹوانے جا رہا ہوں
Main Baal Katwane Ja Raha Hoon
کو انگلش میں کیا کہتے ہیں؟

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