Andaz Meaning in English

The word "Andaz" in English means "Pose" and in Urdu script, it is written as "انداز". Similar words to andaz are commonly used in daily conversations, such as Andaz takeed, Andaz dar guzei mein, Makhsoos rawaya zahir karna, and Toor. The synonym for andaz is " Affectation, Amaze, Baffle, Beat and Bewilder".

Formulation انداز
Attitude رویہ
Bearing برتاﺅ
Get up وضع
Locution انداز تقریر
Mood مزاج
Outlook اندازہ
Position صورت حال
Processional جلوسی مناجات
Tempo رفتار
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Pose Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) A cold in the head; catarrh.
  2. (v. i.) To assume and maintain a studied attitude, with studied arrangement of drapery; to strike an attitude; to attitudinize; figuratively, to assume or affect a certain character; as, she poses as a prude.
  3. (v. t.) To interrogate; to question.
  4. (v. t.) To place in an attitude or fixed position, for the sake of effect; to arrange the posture and drapery of (a person) in a studied manner; as, to pose a model for a picture; to pose a sitter for a portrait.
  5. (a.) Standing still, with all the feet on the ground; -- said of the attitude of a lion, horse, or other beast.
  6. (v. t.) To question with a view to puzzling; to embarrass by questioning or scrutiny; to bring to a stand.
  7. (v. t.) The attitude or position of a person; the position of the body or of any member of the body; especially, a position formally assumed for the sake of effect; an artificial position; as, the pose of an actor; the pose of an artists model or of a statue.

Andaz in English

Andaz is a roman term that finds extensive usage in various sentences and different contexts. In English, the andaz is referred to as "Pose" and it is driven by the English language. This page provides a comprehensive description of andaz meaning in English and Urdu both, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about the term.

However, finding the exact meaning of any word online can be a little tricky, especially since each word may have more than one meaning. Nevertheless, the definition of andaz stated above is reliable and authentic, making it a valuable resource for those who seek to learn more about the term. Moreover, this page offers andaz word synonyms, which can help further enhance the understanding of the term.

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