• Companies Definition & Synonyms

  1. (pl. ) of Company

• Company Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) A companion or companions.
  2. (n.) The state of being a companion or companions; the act of accompanying; fellowship; companionship; society; friendly intercourse.
  3. (n.) The body of actors employed in a theater or in the production of a play.
  4. (v. i.) To have sexual commerce.
  5. (n.) Partners in a firm whose names are not mentioned in its style or title; -- often abbreviated in writing; as, Hottinguer & Co.
  6. (n.) A subdivision of a regiment of troops under the command of a captain, numbering in the United States (full strength) 100 men.
  7. (v. i.) To be a gay companion.
  8. (n.) An assemblage or association of persons, either permanent or transient.
  9. (n.) Society, in general; people assembled for social intercourse.
  10. (n.) The crew of a ship, including the officers; as, a whole ships company.
  11. (n.) An association of persons for the purpose of carrying on some enterprise or business; a corporation; a firm; as, the East India Company; an insurance company; a joint-stock company.
  12. (v. t.) To accompany or go with; to be companion to.
  13. (n.) Guests or visitors, in distinction from the members of a family; as, to invite company to dine.
  14. (v. i.) To associate.

Accompany, Caller, Companion, Companionship, Fellowship, Party, Society, Troupe,