Matter Meaning in Urdu

Matter meaning in English to Urdu is اہمیت رکھنا (Ehmiyat rakhna). Matter synonym words are included Affair, Count, Issue, Subject, Substance, Thing, Topic, Weigh. Similar words of Matter are also commonly used in daily talk like as Matter, Matters Of Moment, and Matter-Of-Factly.

Matter Sentence & Examples
  • As a matter of fact its germ has never been found.
  • Grey matter brain spinal cord.
  • How many persons considering this matter ?.
Matter Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (v. i.) To form pus or matter, as an abscess; to maturate.
  2. (n.) That which is permanent, or is supposed to be given, and in or upon which changes are effected by psychological or physical processes and relations; -- opposed to form.
  3. (n.) Affair worthy of account; thing of consequence; importance; significance; moment; -- chiefly in the phrases what matter ? no matter, and the like.
  4. (n.) Substance excreted from living animal bodies; that which is thrown out or discharged in a tumor, boil, or abscess; pus; purulent substance.
  5. (n.) Written manuscript, or anything to be set in type; copy; also, type set up and ready to be used, or which has been used, in printing.
  6. (n.) That of which anything is composed; constituent substance; material; the material or substantial part of anything; the constituent elements of conception; that into which a notion may be analyzed; the essence; the pith; the embodiment.
  7. (v. i.) To be of importance; to import; to signify.
  8. (v. t.) To regard as important; to take account of; to care for.
  9. (n.) That which one has to treat, or with which one has to do; concern; affair; business.
  10. (n.) Inducing cause or occasion, especially of anything disagreeable or distressing; difficulty; trouble.
  11. (n.) That of which the sensible universe and all existent bodies are composed; anything which has extension, occupies space, or is perceptible by the senses; body; substance.
  12. (n.) Amount; quantity; portion; space; -- often indefinite.
  13. (n.) That with regard to, or about which, anything takes place or is done; the thing aimed at, treated of, or treated; subject of action, discussion, consideration, feeling, complaint, legal action, or the like; theme.

Matter Urdu Meaning with Definition

Matter is an English word that is used in many sentences in different contexts. Matter meaning in Urdu is a اہمیت رکھنا - Ehmiyat rakhna. Matter word is driven by the English language. Matter word meaning in English is well described here in English as well as in Urdu. You can use this amazing English to Urdu dictionary online to check the meaning of other words too as the word Matter meaning.

Finding the exact meaning of any word online is a little tricky. There is more than 1 meaning of each word. However the meaning of Matter stated above is reliable and authentic. It can be used in various sentences and Matter word synonyms are also given on this page. Dictionary is a helpful tool for everyone who wants to learn a new word or wants to find the meaning. This English to Urdu dictionary online is easy to use and carry in your pocket. Similar to the meaning of Matter, you can check other words' meanings as well by searching it online.

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