• Music Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The science and the art of tones, or musical sounds, i. e., sounds of higher or lower pitch, begotten of uniform and synchronous vibrations, as of a string at various degrees of tension; the science of harmonical tones which treats of the principles of harmony, or the properties, dependences, and relations of tones to each other; the art of combining tones in a manner to please the ear.
  2. (n.) A more or less musical sound made by many of the lower animals. See Stridulation.
  3. (n.) Love of music; capacity of enjoying music.
  4. (n.) Harmony; an accordant combination of simultaneous tones.
  5. (n.) Melody; a rhythmical and otherwise agreeable succession of tones.
  6. (n.) The written and printed notation of a musical composition; the score.

Euphony, Medicine,

• Music drama Definition & Synonyms

  1. () An opera in which the text and action are not interrupted by set arias, duets, etc., the music being determined throughout by dramatic appropriateness; musical drama of this character, in general. It involves the use of a kind of melodious declamation, the development of leitmotif, great orchestral elaboration, and a fusion of poetry, music, action, and scene into an organic whole. The term is applied esp. to the later works of Wagner: "Tristan und Isolde," "Die Meistersinger," "Rheingold," "Walkure," "Siegfried," "Gotterdammerung," and "Parsifal."