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The meaning of Parsley in Urdu is "اجوائن خراسانی" as written in Urdu script, or "Ajwain kharasani" as written in Roman Urdu. Other possible Urdu translations for Parsley include "Ajwain kharasani". You can find more definitions and synonyms of Parsley on this page.

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Parsley Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) An aromatic umbelliferous herb (Carum Petroselinum), having finely divided leaves which are used in cookery and as a garnish.

Parsley Urdu Meaning with Definition

Parsley is an English word meaning Ajwain in Urdu, written as اجوائن. It's a biennial plant with white flowers and fragrant crinkly or flat leaves that's used as a culinary herb and garnish. Parsley may improve blood sugar and support the heart, kidney and contribute to bone health. Find here the correct Urdu translation of Parsley with definition, uses, and benefits.

Q1) What does it mean Parsley in Urdu?

"Parsley" meaning in Urdu is اجوائن خراسانی Ajwain kharasani.

Q2) Can Parsley be used formal?

Yes, Parsley can be used in formal Urdu. It is a versatile word that can be used in both formal and informal contexts.

Q3) Are there any other translations of Parsley in Urdu?

Yes, other translations of Parsley in Urdu include اجوائن خراسانی Ajwain kharasani, دھنیے کی ایک قسم Dhanye ki aik kisam, and اجمودا Ajmoda.

Q4) What are Parsley synonyms?

Some synonyms for Parsley include: .

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