Swag Meaning in Urdu

Swag meaning in English to Urdu is لوٹ کا مال (Loot ka maal). Swag synonym words are included Booty, Careen, Droop, Flag, Keel, Loot, Lurch, Pillage, Plunder, Prize, Reel, Sag, Stagger. Similar words of Swag are also commonly used in daily talk like as Swag, Swaggerer, and Swagged.

Swag Sentence & Examples
  • Perhaps he suspects i have swag in this sack.
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Term Definition
SWAG Scientific Wild Ass Guess, SoftWare And Giveaways, Stuff We All Get
Swag Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) A tramping bushmans luggage, rolled up either in canvas or in a blanket so as to form a long bundle, and carried on the back or over the shoulder; -- called also a bluey, or a drum.
  2. (n.) Any bundle of luggage similarly rolled up; hence, luggage in general.
  3. (v. i.) To tramp carrying a swag.
  4. (v. i.) To sink down by its weight; to sag.
  5. (n.) A swaying, irregular motion.
  6. (n.) A burglars or thiefs booty; boodle.
  7. (v. i.) To hang or move, as something loose and heavy; to sway; to swing.

Swag Urdu Meaning with Definition

Swag is an English word meaning Loot ka Maal in Urdu, written as لوٹ کا مال. It refers to the money or goods taken by a thief or burglar. It also denotes a fashionable and confident appearance or way of behaving. You may learn how to pronounce it correctly along with translation in Urdu, as well as the definition and sentences that go with it.

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