• Title Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) A church to which a priest was ordained, and where he was to reside.
  2. (n.) An appellation of dignity, distinction, or preeminence (hereditary or acquired), given to persons, as duke marquis, honorable, esquire, etc.
  3. (n.) The inscription in the beginning of a book, usually containing the subject of the work, the authors and publishers names, the date, etc.
  4. (n.) An inscription put over or upon anything as a name by which it is known.
  5. (n.) The panel for the name, between the bands of the back of a book.
  6. (n.) That which constitutes a just cause of exclusive possession; that which is the foundation of ownership of property, real or personal; a right; as, a good title to an estate, or an imperfect title.
  7. (n.) A section or division of a subject, as of a law, a book, specif. (Roman & Canon Laws), a chapter or division of a law book.
  8. (n.) That by which a beneficiary holds a benefice.
  9. (n.) To call by a title; to name; to entitle.
  10. (n.) A name; an appellation; a designation.
  11. (n.) The instrument which is evidence of a right.

Championship, Claim, Deed, Entitle, Rubric,

• Title-page Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) The page of a book which contains it title.