What Meaning in Urdu

What meaning in Urdu is Kia (کیا). Similar words of What are also commonly used in daily talk like as What have you made/prepared today?, What Time Do You Awake?, and What did this table cost you?. Pronunciation of What in roman Urdu is "Kia" and Translation of What in Urdu writing script is کیا.

What Sentence & Examples
  • All that the rest of us can do is to point out what is the matter.
  • And what do they think individually?.
  • And what is just as important,.
What Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (pron., a., & adv.) As a relative pronoun
  2. (pron., a., & adv.) As an exclamatory word: -- (a) Used absolutely or independently; -- often with a question following.
  3. (n.) Something; thing; stuff.
  4. (pron., a., & adv.) As an interrogative pronoun, used in asking questions regarding either persons or things; as, what is this? what did you say? what poem is this? what child is lost?
  5. (pron., a., & adv.) Used adverbially, in part; partly; somewhat; -- with a following preposition, especially, with, and commonly with repetition.
  6. (pron., a., & adv.) Used adjectively, equivalent to the . . . which; the sort or kind of . . . which; rarely, the . . . on, or at, which.
  7. (interrog. adv.) Why? For what purpose? On what account?
  8. (pron., a., & adv.) Sometimes prefixed to adjectives in an adverbial sense, as nearly equivalent to how; as, what happy boys!
  9. (pron., a., & adv.) Used substantively with the antecedent suppressed, equivalent to that which, or those [persons] who, or those [things] which; -- called a compound relative.
  10. (pron., a., & adv.) Whatever; whatsoever; what thing soever; -- used indefinitely.
  11. (pron., a., & adv.) Used adjectively, meaning how remarkable, or how great; as, what folly! what eloquence! what courage!
  12. (pron., a., & adv.) Used adverbially in a sense corresponding to the adjectival use; as, he picked what good fruit he saw.

What Urdu Meaning with Definition

What is an English language word used in many places commonly especially for asking a question. It is usually used for asking for information specifying something. What meaning in Urdu is کیا. It can be written in the roman ad “Kya”. What word is taken from Old English hwæt, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wat and German was, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin quod .This word can be used in different places to describe the situation. You can find more than 1 meaning of the What word on this page.

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