Anday Ka Halwa Recipe

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  1. 1. Eggs 06
  2. 2. Milk (half litre)
  3. 3. Sugar 02 cups
  4. 4. Oil 1 cup
  5. 5. Choti elaichi 4(Pisi hui)
  • 1) Beat the eggs in a bowl
  • 2) Abb is main Sugar, Elaichi or Milk dal dain or dobara us ko beat kr lain
  • 3) Phir dekchi main oil garam kr k us main andoon ka bnaya hua ameza dal dain.
  • 4) Abb us ko half an hour tak pkain. lkn us main hr thori deer bad chapcha chalain take wo jale nahi .
  • 5) Jisay hi yah pani chor dai to wahin kharey ho kr us ka pani khusk kr lain.
  • 6) Phir us ko ksi bowl main nilkal kr serve kr dain.
  • marzi ap ki thanda khain ya garam.
Reviews & Discussions

Yh logon ko sugar likhi hue nzar q nae aa rhe

  • Arsal, Peshawar
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

This type of anday ka halwa is easy way to make but i want to make those halwa in which also the cake piece is use. It is very tasty, in the preparation of this halwa sooji is also mix.

  • ghazala, karachi
  • Tue 10 Jun, 2014

Anday ka halwa is the toughest halwa in the list of, I got tried it many times but I failed because I can not make a solid pieces of this halwa.

  • nehaa, karachi
  • Sat 07 Jun, 2014

i want this recipe with khoya in it.. its make any dish very tasty ..please this if nay one know about it ..i dont want to put on top on it .. i want to put it in in with all the mixture..

  • Laila Merani, karachi
  • Mon 23 Dec, 2013

this halwa i usselly make in winter ... and in winter egg food looks more yummy as well..andoon ka halwa is one of my special desert in winter

  • Zanny Khan, karachi
  • Fri 06 Dec, 2013

i want to cook andya ka halwa but where is suger?

  • Suman, india
  • Wed 21 Dec, 2011

is this sweet dish??? no one mention when we add sugar

  • bushra, karachi
  • Sun 08 May, 2011

yo can any1 tell the correct amount of sugar??? common its a sweet without sugar what a joke???

  • ifrah, ottawa
  • Mon 21 Dec, 2009

where is the suger?? can anyone tell me what time we should put the suger.

  • zeeshan, Riyadh
  • Wed 04 Nov, 2009

i really like this halwa thanx

  • imran, dubai
  • Tue 08 Sep, 2009