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And this is really good to see the very good and the option to see the kabuli chana Bengali style recipe from here and this is so easy for me to see that here
By: kashaf, Form: multan, on 19 May, 2019
Wow it is tasty kabuli chana it is nice recipe new good experience i'm try again
By: Rida, Form: Lahore, on 29 Jan, 2019
Fish Overlay is my Husband's most favorite dish, I want to give him surprise for making Fish Overlay with my hands on his birthday for that I am taking help with the recipes page of HamariWeb and learn the method of preparation, I hope that I will success.
By: Sabat, Form: Karachi, on 02 Mar, 2017
I love to eat sea food. I usually make Dimer Kosha - Bengali Egg Curry at home. On this source there is this unique and tempting Dimer Kosha - Bengali Egg Curry recipe. It looks tempting and therefore I am noting down the recipe to make in future.
By: Kamila, Form: Karachi, on 17 Feb, 2017
I am worried because I will get married in the upcoming month and I am very weak in cooking. One of my friend recommend me HamariWeb recipes page where this Chirer Polao – Poha Pulao recipe gained my attention.
By: Hind, Form: Karachi, on 17 Feb, 2017
Everyone likes to taste delicious food. I am pretty excited to try this online recipe in Urdu of Bengali Payesh – Rice Kheer. My friend recommended me this page and she is pretty confident that it will be the best in taste.
By: Badriya, Form: Islamabad, on 17 Feb, 2017
My husband love to eat tasty food. I found this page of Bengali Chicken Curry where I see such a mouth watering recipe. I am checking the method step by step to make it accurately. Will share my feedback about it.
By: Azra, Form: Lahore, on 17 Feb, 2017
Tuna fish pakora is looking such a different from the other dish that is why i am willing to prepare this dish, please anyone tell me which fish is better for this purpose?
By: almas, Form: khi, on 15 Sep, 2014
Yesterday i made flat bread pizza to my children, they really like the taste of this pizza. It is also good for the health of my children due to its fats and carbohydrate.
By: ammara, Form: karachi, on 03 Jun, 2014
Bengali Chicken Curry very good in taste m also a bengali and this recipe is the same traditional recipe of curry ..i also make this at home one in a week ..
By: rabi, Form: karachi, on 13 Dec, 2013

Bangladeshi Foods

Bangladeshi Recipes - Bangladeshi food is known as Bengali food that is recognized all over the world because of its flavorsome spices. Bengali people eat mutton, chicken, beef, vegetables too, but the rice and seafood, especially fish, are so common in Bangladesh. They still eat and follow their old recipes to prepare food that is tasty and healthy. The food of Bangladesh influenced by land and abundance that land, sea, and the rivers produce. Therefore Hamariweb facilitates its user by presenting a corner of Bangladeshi recipes so people in Pakistan and other countries can also relish the flavor of Bangladeshi food at their home.

Bangladesh is known as a land of rice and fish, so they are the experts to make fish and rice with several types of different recipes. That fish and rice recipes also updated on our page that you can easily prepare at your home. Bangladeshi recipes are also full of nutrients that are beneficial for health, so these Bangladeshi recipes are suitable for those who are health and diet conscious but also want to enjoy spicy food. Bangladeshi food has several ingredients in many of the Bangladeshi recipes, so it’s mostly spicy like Indian and Pakistani food.

Here you can find easy Bangladeshi recipes. We have added a Bangladeshi Biryani recipe, which is the most demanding Bangladeshi dish. You will find some popular Bangladeshi foods here like Bengali Chicken, Dimer Kosha, a Bengali Egg Curry, and many other Bengali Dishes Recipe. These recipes belong to the famous chef Arif Dawood. Recipes are available in English and Urdu language. Now prepare Bangladeshi recipes with method and ingredients to mention on our page and get appreciation with your family and guests.