Black Forest Cake Recipe

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cherries pitted halved 1 cup
fruit cocktail 1/2 cup
sugar 2 tsp
heavy whipping cream 950 ml
icing sugar 5 tbsp
cherries 8 - 10 for top
grated chocolate
cocoa powder - to sprinkle on top


First bake the cake, I used the moist chocolate cake recipe and bake in three pans...

Then, make the filling.... add the pitted halved cherries in sauce pan... add sugar.... and cook for 2 -3 minutes... till sugar dissolves.... don't dry the juices...

Cool that cherry mixture completely.

Then add the cream in mixing bowl beat till its start thickening... add icing sugar and beat till soft peaks form.

Now assembling... place one baked part of the cake on a platter.... cut the dome to flatten the cake.

Moisten the cake with that cherry syrup... but cake is already moist so don't use more than one or two teaspoon juice... then add a big dollop of whipped cream.... smooth it with spatula.

Add the grated chocolate over it.
Spread some other fruit from a cocktail tin if you want... and cherries....

Repeat the same process with second baked cake... moisten that part first layer it with cream, grated chocolate and then fruits...

Now put the last part.... moisten...

Cover all over with whipped cream.

Sprinkle grated chocolate on top and on sides.

Make swirls with whipped cream on the corner of cake ... and top it with full cherries... in the end sprinkle some cocoa powder.

Keep it in the fridge for 4 -5 hours before serving.... and enjoy.

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