Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa Recipe

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Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa is a popular sweet dish in Pakistan that mainly cooks on Sahab-e-Barat in home. This sweet Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa can truly be your special Eid treat. In Pak Read More

Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa is a popular sweet dish in Pakistan that mainly cooks on Sahab-e-Barat in home. This sweet Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa can truly be your special Eid treat. In Pakistan this Halwa is very famous among all age groups. This Halwa recipe requires 30 - 45 minutes to be prepared. You can decorate this Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa with Almonds, Khishmish, Pista and Coconuts. Hide


4 cups Full cream liquid milk (doodh)

1 cup split gram lentil (daal chana)

1 cup or little less sugar

1/3 cup crushed coconut (naryal)

1 cup Butter

5-6 Green cardamoms

½ cup almonds flakes

1/3 cup whole almonds with peels optional

raisins (kishmish)

pistachio (pista) optional


1.Soak Channa daal for 3-4 hours.

2.Now let it boil with milk till it becomes soft.

3.Once its soft strain out the milk as the daal has to be roasted in butter and if milk is present it cannot be roasted well.

4.Now finely chop the daal in a chopper or on sil batta like the way it was done in olden days.

5.IF its difficult to chop it finely, add a few drops of milk.

6.Take a small amount of butter in a non stick wok and roast, flaked almonds, whole almonds and pistachio one by one and keep aside, every time add a bit of butter to the wok. they should become crunchy.

7.Now add the remaining butter, green cardamoms and the chopped chana daal in the wok roast them on medium heat, if it seems that butter is less add more butter.

8.Roasting this daal is a bit difficult.

9.As the chopped daal is very dry so it will stick to the bottom of the pan, don't let it burn and transfer it to the pot in which it was boiled with milk and wash the wok.

10.the daal will definitely stick to the bottom of the pot, just be careful not to let it burn otherwise the color and taste of halwa will be spoiled.

11.When the daal is roasted well add the milk in which it was boiled earlier.

12.Roast it very well and when milk is evaporated transfer it to the wok and add sugar.

13.Sugar will melt and halwa will become thin again and will be easier to mix it.

14.When the water of sugar is dried up add all of the roasted nuts and mix well.

15.khoya is also added to this halwa but if desired instead of that 1/2 cup of dried milk powder can be added, it will give the flavor of khoya to the halwa.

16.In the last add the crushed coconut and roast until the butter is separated.

17.serve hot.

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Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa takes lots of effort to make otherwise it get worst during cooking and all your efforts go waste.
By: Zahida, Form: Lahore, on 10 Jul, 2015
Thanks for sharinh Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa here I like this sweet dish alot and my mom made in every Shabrat.
By: Asfa, Form: Lahore, on 20 Jun, 2015
In the last shab-e-barat I make chanay ki daal ka halwa but I am not succes to make it like the shape like this image because it is very soft.
By: Hajra Noman, Form: Karachi, on 11 Jun, 2015
My mom made awesome Chane Ki Dal Ka Halwa and everyone like her Chane Ki Dal Ka Halwa so much.
By: Zameer , Form: Karachi, on 05 Jun, 2015
In this Shabrat I am planning to make Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa.
By: Farhan, Form: Lahore, on 26 May, 2015
I am waiting for sahab-e-barat to enjoy this delicious Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa made by my mom.
By: Sobia, Form: Islamabad, on 22 May, 2015
Chana ki daal ka halwa is also good for health, its recipe is also easy. I will make it home definitely.
By: abiha, Form: khi, on 04 Mar, 2015
if you mix khoya in this halwa you can keep it in the refrigerator because khoya is very sensitive and it spoil your all efforts.
By: arresha, Form: khi, on 19 Feb, 2015
I specially purchase a jar of desi ghee for making the halwa of chanay ki daal because desi ghee enhance the taste of it due to its pleasant smell.
By: sharmila, Form: khi, on 26 Jan, 2015
When i want to make it thin it becomes very hard and when i want to make hard for making pieces it make very thin, i dont know what i do?
By: irum, Form: khi, on 21 Jan, 2015