Channa Chat Recipe in Urdu

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Channa Chaat is a popular savory snack. Almost every Pakistani especially women loves Channa Chat. Immensely delicious and tempting Channa Chat got its ultimate t Read More

Channa Chaat is a popular savory snack. Almost every Pakistani especially women loves Channa Chat. Immensely delicious and tempting Channa Chat got its ultimate taste and flavor due to its variety of ingredients. You require boiled chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, red chili powder, green chilies, green coriander, sugar, chaat masala, cumin powder, tamarind pulp, mint, lemon juice and salt. The ingredients of Channa Chat give it a divine spicy tangy taste loved by masses. You can prepare Chana Chaat in lesser time. It can be served as an evening tea time snack, whenever you crave for spicy snack, or you can even consider making Chana Chaat for your Iftar table during Ramadan. You can sprinkle some chaat masala on top with tamarind pulp, papri, and green chilies for serving. It is even served at numerous vender stalls on road sides in Pakistan. Try this tempting Channa Chat at home and do give your valuable feedback. Hide


چنا چاٹ

چنا - ایک پاو

لال مرچ - ایک کھانے کا چمچ

زیرہ پبسا بوا - ایک کھانے کا چمچ

شکر- ایک کھانے کا چمچ

چاٹ مصالہ-ایک کھانے کا چمچ

ٹماٹروپیاز - دو لچہے

آلو تین سے چار

نمک- ایک کھانے کا چمچ

ھرا دہنیا-ایک عدد

املی جوس- آدہا کپ

پودینہ- ایک گڈی


white chny obal lain or potatos ko b obal lain obly huwy chnon mein nimk zeera or lal mirch mila kar aik hour k liye rak dain. aik hour k bd is mein adah kap imli ka juice mila dain or achi tra mix kr dain. is k bd is me podina hra daniya mila dain tmato or onion ko slice ki shkal mein kat lain. or obly huwy potatos k choty choty tukry kr lain or chny mein mila dain . laziza zaiqa dar chna chat tyar hai. aftari mein paish kr dain.

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This chana chaat makes with the many ingredients and the many masala and some vegetables that I can make that usually by the following this recipe
By: layba, Form: islamabad, on 31 May, 2018
By the following this easy method I can easily make this channa chat with the delicious and spicy taste that mine whole eat that very eagerly
By: farwa, Form: lahore, on 30 May, 2018
Here mention the whole recipe of channa chat that we easily make it by the following this dish with the delicious taste and the lots of masala
By: haleema, Form: faislabad, on 26 May, 2018
This is really amazing to see the Chann Chat recipe in this list for making it at home and this is so good to see that for having the great taste in the Iftar time
By: Sania, Form: Karachi, on 24 May, 2018
The great recipe to make channa chaat mention here who provide us the delicious method for making it with the whole taste recipe as we like that
By: saba, Form: multan, on 21 May, 2018
Is channa chat is mine favorite and here is looking so delicious of this dish that I will must make it at home at the iftaar by the following this easy recipe
By: ania, Form: Karachi, on 19 May, 2018
Make the channa chaat which has the really good taste and this is the most common dish of the Karachi too because Karachities like tis recipes very much
By: Jahania, Form: Attock, on 15 May, 2018
In every iftar, my mother make Chana Chaat with special Raita. Mostly peoples like this Chaat with Chatni but I like the taste of Chaat with Raita.
By: zehra, Form: khi, on 15 May, 2018
Make the Channa Hat with the really good method because this is the best way to make the CHanna Chaat with the very good taste we just need
By: Dania, Form: karachi, on 03 May, 2018
There I get the any new and unique ideas to make the many dishes as like this channa chat who has the many methods to make it as well to the family
By: asma, Form: karachi, on 08 Jun, 2017