Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal Recipe

Mash Ki Daal is immensely popular and delicious dish in Pakistan. This recipe got its name from its traditional Dhaba restaurants style cooking. It is enriched with nutrition and tastes amazing. Lentils, onions, garlic, spice, butter, cumin powder, red chili, and pepper are the major ingredients to prepare the ultimate traditional Dhaba style Mash Ki Daal. Unique style of preparation distinguishes it from your regular Daal. You can find this recipe in the menu card of all the dhabas and highway restaurants. Try out this Dhaba style Mash Ki Daal recipe at home and get appreciation from your family and friends. The smell, fragrance and taste of the dhaba style maash ki daal is very outstanding and similarly sound as all the fixings like the Daal , flavors, and herbs are a piece of nutritious diet. For those moms, whose kids don't prefer to eat Daal, attempt this recipe and serve it to your loved ones. Topping it with ground ginger, lemon cuts, squashed coriander and green chillies. You can likewise include a solid shape of spread toward the end and present with Naan or Chapatti.

Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal Recipe

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  1. • Lentils (mash ki daal) 250 gram
  2. • Ghee 1/2 cup
  3. • Butter 100 gram
  4. • Sliced ginger 1 tsp
  5. • Sliced onion 1
  6. • Whole red chili 6
  7. • Green chili 6
  8. • Chopped garlic 1 tsp
  9. • Crushed black pepper 1/2 tsp
  10. • Cumin powder 1 tsp
  11. • White cumin seed 1 tsp
  12. • Mint 1 bunch
  13. • Coriander 1/2 bunch
  14. • Water a required
  15. • Salt to taste
  16. • Whole spice powder to sprinkle
  • Sauté onion and then add ginger and garlic.
  • Then add lentil.
  • In lentil add 1/2 kg water, whole red chili, black pepper, and cumin, salt and let it cook.
  • When lentil is done and gets tender, in another pan golden brown onion in ghee and butter.
  • When brown, pour the onion with butter and ghee on the lentil.
  • Takeout in a platter, sprinkle whole spice powder, garnish with green chili, coriander, mint and serve hot with naan or chapatti.
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Reviews & Discussions

I often prepare Mash ki Daal for my family members but this Dhaba style recipe is just awesome.

  • Nasra, Karachi
  • Thu 17 Sep, 2020

Last Sunday when I was alone in home, I tried Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal recipe. According to the steps of this recipe really I made it perfect.

  • inaya, khi
  • Sun 07 Jun, 2020

Thanks allot Hamariweb.com... for this delicious recipe.. I tried this dhaba style mash ki daal and it was superb and simply delicious! My roti finished and I started eating with a spoon. It was very delicious..

  • ghana noman, MULTAN
  • Thu 14 May, 2020

https://youtu.be/LTzudpGaXd8 Visit and subscribe for videos recipe

  • numan, gujranwala
  • Tue 07 Apr, 2020

The good method to make this dhaba style daal as well. The taste of daal was beyond yummy.

  • aaima, khi
  • Wed 08 Jan, 2020

If you want to make Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal then take out the recipe from this website because I tried it and it was very delicious.

  • alia, rawalpindi
  • Thu 17 Oct, 2019

HmariWeb your recipes are too good and helpful for me. Mash ki daal meri favorite hai or mein ghr bethay he vegetables order krdeti hun through tazamart.pk. Dono kaam ghr bethay he hojatay hain grocery ghr pe aajati hai or recipe dekh kr ghr pe achi daal bhi ban jati hai..

  • Nadia, Karachi
  • Mon 25 Feb, 2019

this is the best daal it is so tasty made i'm made yesterday afternoon

  • Sana, Lahore
  • Mon 28 Jan, 2019

it very easy to make at home I made it for my family and they really easy & was very yummy and tasty.So finally I make it . everyone like to eat I try many recipes & i found this Recipe Its quite easy.

  • Attiya , karachi
  • Wed 24 Oct, 2018

it isvery easy to cook at home at sunday. I made it for my family and they really easy way to cook. this daal was very yummy and tasty. So finally I make it. My mother really liked it very much. It was so amazing experience.

  • aaleyah, karachi
  • Sat 22 Sep, 2018