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If you want to make Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal then take out the recipe from this website because I tried it and it was very delicious.
By: alia, Form: rawalpindi, on 17 Oct, 2019
The dal makhani city prayers timing schedule help me and mine whole family to offering the praters easily at the right timing
By: sameena, Form: multan, on 02 Jun, 2019
I tried the recipe of Iranian haleem and i got success to made it perfect but i can not make it crispy. I want to know how i make it much spicy?
By: urwa, Form: Srinagar, on 30 May, 2019
dal makhni is the famous dish of india, in india mostly like this dish but in Pakistan it is only famous in Lahore.
By: Suneel, Form: Shafeeabad, on 23 May, 2019
i love kashmiri dum aloo very best dum aloo i am made personally tasty Iranian Haleem.
By: Fajar, Form: ziarat, on 08 May, 2019
I used to think that it is very tough job to make dal makhani but after trying this recipe, I have totally changed my views about making special daal makhani.
By: ghina, Form: Sialkot, on 08 May, 2019
in every muharam month I make daleem for lunger and every time I used different recipe but this time I tried this recipe which I really like.
By: taimor, Form: peshawar, on 05 May, 2019
It was my fry try to try this recipe and I must say it turned out delicious everyone loved it thank you for sharing it with us because it is very helping
By: arsha, Form: Peshawar, on 03 May, 2019
I am defiantly going to try this recipe because it is not necessary that we should know about the chicken recipes we should also make these kinds of the recipe too
By: shama, Form: khanpur, on 01 May, 2019
now a days I start cooking and my mother in laws asked me to cook dal makhni. I open this website and start to make dal makhni.
By: shahzaib, Form: peshawar, on 27 Apr, 2019

Dal Recipes

Dal Recipes – Dal s highly consumed food in Asian countries like Pakistan and India, Dal recipes is very healthy food it contains rich amount of Dietary Fibers, Vitamins, Calcium and proteins all these nutritious elements makes it a perfect meal. Dal recipes are of many types like Mong, Masoor, Channa, Mash and Arhar all have different colors and taste. Dal is used as major food in many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Dal makhani is commonly taken with Rise (Chawal) a perfect lunch although there are lot of delicious dal recepies like Dal Makhni, Qeema Dal, Dal Puri and etc. Dal recipes in Urdu are also used for making Sweet Dish Halwa like Channa Dal Halwa you can make Dal Paratha also. It is the specialty of Dal recipes that it adjusts its taste with many other foods. Read all the delicious Dal Recipes in Urdu by famous Chef's including sanjeev kapoor, Chef Zakir and others.