Egg Halwa Recipe

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Egg Halwa - Eating delicious food is a blessing. Grab a bite of yummy Egg Halwa. You can prepare it easily at home and rejoice the happy moments with your family.


1.bread - 1 pc

2.egg - 1 pc

3.custard powder - 2 spoon

4.sugar - for taste

5.oil - 3 spoon


1) Take a bowl and put egg, bread, custard powder and sugar.
2) Mash it properly until it is mashed.
3) Take a pan put oil and the heat should be half when oil become little heated.
4) Put that mashed egg on it.
5) Put spoon on the egg by peacing the eggs when it become into small peace off the heat and garnish it with pistachos and almond and what ever u like and serve it.

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