Egg Sandwiches Recipe

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Egg Sandwiches Reciperecipe is regarded as one of the most popular recipe of Pakistani cuisine. No dining table is complete without presenting delicious and aromatic Egg Sandwiches Recipe recipe. By following the Egg Sandwiches Recipe recipe as it is listed will get you perfect taste. Above is the Egg Sandwiches Recipe recipe by which you can make Egg Sandwiches Recipe easily anywhere around the world. All the ingredients & method are provided for your assistance. Enjoy the delicious of Egg Sandwiches Recipe recipes at


Hard boiled Eggs=3

Black Pepper grinded =2-3 pinch

Salt=To taste.

Salad leaves=sharply chopped.

Mayyaoneese=2-3 Tab.Spoon.

Fresh Cream=1 Tab. Spoon.

Sugar grinded=half tea spoon.

olives=5-6 chopped.

Sandwiches bread=4-6 slices


Mesh boiled egg and add all ingredients one by one. then Apply the ready batter on each slice evenly and join one pair as sandwich.its v.tasty,healthy and quick recipe for you.Try it and reply for response.

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