Egg Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

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Egg Vegetable Fried Rice is a dish from Chinese cuisine. It comprise of great nutritious value. Prepared with carrots, green onions, eggs, capsicum, cabbage, potatoes, black Read More

Egg Vegetable Fried Rice is a dish from Chinese cuisine. It comprise of great nutritious value. Prepared with carrots, green onions, eggs, capsicum, cabbage, potatoes, black pepper, salt, all mixed with boiled rice. Egg Vegetable Fired Rice recipe can be enjoyed with different kinds of continental sauces or Chinese dishes. This dish you can prepare in only 20 minutes. You can use leftover rice by adding Egg and Vegetable in it and make delicious and tasty Egg Vegetable Fried Rice which tastes great as a meal. Egg Vegetable Fried Rice can be served with Chicken Manchurian. It is definitely the most preferred diet for weight conscious souls. You can access the recipe of egg vegetable fried rice online and can prepare it for your family with ease. Hide


• Salt as much you like

• Carrot ½ cup nicely chopped

• Green Onion ½ cup

• Onion ½ cup chopped

• Black Pepper as much you like

• Capsicum ½ cup chopped

• Boiled Rice 2 plates

• Eggs 2

• Cabbage ½ cup chopped


 Chop all the vegetables nicely.
 Take two eggs and fry them in the frying pan.
 Add some oil in the frying pan and add chopped vegetables in it and fry them for a short time.
 Add boiled rice in it and mix it well.
 Sprinkle salt and pepper powder on it quantity (as much you like).
 Now add the fired eggs in it and mix it well.
 Ready to serve, serve them with chicken wings or any other chinese dish.

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awesome recipe with clear method. I preferred it a great deal. I wont just make this Egg Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe myself yet additionally propose it to my cousins and auntie. She was approaching me for an ideal recipe for making Egg Vegetable Fried Rice recipe and as per me, this is impeccable one.
By: saira, Form: MULTAN, on 28 May, 2020
This is looking so delicious dish of Chinese rice that mine child really like toe ta that specially as like this delicious and lightly taste rice
By: azra, Form: lahore, on 02 Jun, 2019
The egg vegetable fried rice is looking so delicious in this photo that makes the water in mine mouth that’s why I have noted this whole recipe from here to get make it at home
By: arham, Form: multan, on 02 Jun, 2019
egg vegetable rice seems so tasty. I heard about this recipe and thought that i should try this at home. Now when I’ve the recipe and i am urge to make so there is no chance that I don’t try this.
By: Shahid, Form: Delhi, on 08 May, 2019
We have arranged a one dish party before Ramadan and I was pondering that what should be made for it. I think egg vegetable fried rice are better to be made for the party.
By: Nabeel, Form: Smethwick, on 08 May, 2019
I tried this recipe today and it turned out very delicious as I don’t cook muck d my husband did not expected thus tasted food from me. All thanks to you
By: bushra, Form: faislabad, on 03 May, 2019
I can’t cook, the only thing that I can cook is fried rice. it is very easy to make and it actually doesn't take much time as I always assumed
By: zubia, Form: multan, on 01 May, 2019
This is the good thing available now that help us to get make this egg vegetable fried rice easily which everyone wants to make that by the news and delicious taste
By: nabeel, Form: karachi, on 13 Apr, 2019
Egg vegetable freid rice very best fried rice niceone recipe is my favorite
By: Amna, Form: Faislabad, on 23 Jan, 2019
Very nice egg vegatables nice rice i really like recipe this is a healthy food tasty it is my favorite dish
By: Kashaf, Form: Karachi, on 15 Jan, 2019