Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe By Chef Zakir

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Gajar Ka Halwa recipe is a special carrot based dessert originating from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and North India. Main ingredients that give Gajar ka Halwa its perfect taste a Read More

Gajar Ka Halwa recipe is a special carrot based dessert originating from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and North India. Main ingredients that give Gajar ka Halwa its perfect taste are grated carrots, milk, sugar, Khoya, and Desi Ghee. It is a special winter treat loved by adults and children equally. Gajar ka Halwa is the obvious dessert in every winter wedding. This delicious Gajar Ka Halwa recipe by Chef Zakir can be ready in approximately 30 Minutes and good to serve around 2-4 People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish. Hide


Carrot grated v½ kg
Khoya 250 gm
Sugar 125 gm
Ghee ½ cup
Almond chopped 25 gm
Pistachio chopped 25 gm
Cardamom powder ½ tsp
Kewra 2 tbsp


Boil ½ kg grated carrot for 2 minutes, now remove in a strainer and keep aside.
Heat ½ cup ghee in a wok, add 125 gm sugar and cook till sugar is dissolved.
Now add boiled carrot and fry well on high flame.
Then add 25 gm chopped almond, 25 gm chopped pistachio, 2 tbsp kewra and ½ tsp cardamom powder. Fry well.
Lastly add 250 gm khoya and mix well for 2 minutes.
Dish it out and serve hot.

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this is same recipe. I was looking for some other recipe. Something different. Something different from the normal dishes.
By: Kubra, Form: Karachi, on 29 Mar, 2018
Gajar ka Halwa is also called Gajrela and frequently get ready at home on ask for, it improves the taste to separate with hot unadulterated khoya and different dry fruits.
By: Binyamin, Form: Lahore, on 25 Mar, 2018
In the majority peoples can make this gajar ka halwa as like this method because this sis the easy way to make it deliciously
By: aneela, Form: multan, on 31 Jan, 2018
I made it for the latest night dinner. Besides, everyone on the dinner table delighted in the assortment and unmistakable taste in the fish specifically. It was exceptional, astounding and great as well.
By: Eram, Form: Hydrabad, on 31 Jan, 2018
They really influence you to need for them notwithstanding when your stomach is full and going to detonate. I like such things simply the way this Gajar ka halwa formula is.
By: samina, Form: isl, on 26 Jan, 2018
This is the easiest recipe to make the gajar ka halwa at home with the some ingredients so now at the next time I will be make it by this recipe
By: eeman, Form: islamabad, on 22 Jan, 2018
This is the easiest method ever to make gajar ka halwa at home and it looking do delicious in this photo and I hope that it will be make also delicious when I will make
By: aneela, Form: karachi, on 19 Jan, 2018
waooooo……. What is better than a plate of Gajar ka halwa before you??? Of course nothing!!!OMG….they are so tasty that I can’t resist myself anymore. You have done it so beautifully that I couldn’t myself from making it.
By: Kaleem, Form: Okara, on 18 Jan, 2018
Gajar ka Halwa available in the hotels and restaurants contain a lot of unhealthy and unhygienic materials that are not good for health. Here you have given me the way to make healthy halwa at home.
By: sabih, Form: Karachi, on 16 Jan, 2018
There has the every recipe has the easiest method which you make that easily understand that with the whole information easily which we easily make that at home
By: ashfaq, Form: islamabad, on 21 Dec, 2017