Kata Kat Recipe

Cook food in a style! This page gives you access to Kata Kat and make you earn respect among your family members. You can make this dish for lunch or dinner. Try it and give your feedback.


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asma from Karachi
  1. Mutton’s Chops 12
  2. Mutton’s Kidney 10-12
  3. Garlic Whole 8-10 clips
  4. Tomato 4
  5. Onion 2
  6. Red Chili Powder 1 Tbsp
  7. Ginger Garlic Chopped 1 Tbsp
  8. Yoghurt 1/2 Cup
  9. Kasuri Methi 1/2 Tbsp dry
  10. Mint Leaves 1/2 Bunch
  11. Hot Spices 1 Tsp Powder
  12. Green Chili 6
  13. Lemon 2
  14. Oil \ Ghee 1/2 Cup
  15. Salt As per Taste
  • Apply Whole Garlic on goat’s Kidney , wash it after 20 minutes and put it in the net and then cut it into small pieces. Cut onion , tomato, Pudynh , green chili and ginger into tiny pieces . boil chops and cut into slices after separating bones from it.
  • Put kidneys and chops on a pan and cover it for 5 minutes ,when there is enough steam now mashed them with a plain spoon , then put tomato , red chili , onion , chopped ginger garlic and yoghurt into it and cover it again for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes add fenugreek , Pudynh , hot spices and 4 spoons of oil and cover it again .
  • After 5 minutes add again 4 spoon oil , salt , chopped ginger , green chili and lemon juice in it and mashed whole ingredients thoroughly .now it is ready to serve
  • If u want to add Brain in it , just boil the brain and separates its veins , then cut it into pieces and add it in the end .
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Reviews & Discussions

I followed this Kata Kat recipe step by step, but still I end up screwing it up. I can’t recognize my mistake. Can you guys please list down another clear explanation of this Kata Kat recipe so I can prepare it easily?

  • Bachar, Multan
  • Wed 31 Aug, 2016