Masala Toast Recipe in Urdu

Masala Toast Recipe in Urdu is regarded among the popular dishes. Read the complete Masala Toast Recipe in Urdu with ingredient details and method. It is a simple recipe and all required ingredients are easily available. Prepare the dish as per the Masala Toast Recipe in Urdu from top chefs and add the true flavor or taste to your food. You can also share this recipe with your friends and family members.


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Kinza from karachi
مصالحہ ٹوسٹ (INGREDIENTS)
  1. 1 چمچ تیل
  2. 1 کٹی پیاز
  3. 2 سبز مرچیں کٹی
  4. 1 شملہ مرچ کٹی
  5. 1 گاجر کش شدہ
  6. نمک ذائقہ کے لئے
  7. ½tsp لال مرچ پاؤڈر
  8. 1 چوٹکی ہلدی پاؤڈر
  9. 1 چمچ کیچپ
  10. آدھا نیبو کا رس
  11. 1 چمچ کٹی دنیا
  12. 6 سلائس بھوری روٹی
  13. کیچپ یا چلی ساس حسبِ ضرورت
  14. مکھن یا گھی بھونے کے لیے
  • Tail Ko Gram ker lain ab is ma tamam sabziyan or nimak, lal mirch dal ker achi tarha mix karain ab is ma ketchup lemon juice or hara dahniya dal ker gala lain. Is ke bad chole ke anch band ker dain or sab ak plate ma nikal lain. Ab side se bread ko toast ker lain is main chili sauce or ketchup and sabziyan dal ker fry ker lain
  • *********************************************************************** Method in English: Heat a tbsp of oil. Add the chopped onion and chopped green chili and saute. Add capsicum and carrot and saute. Add salt, red chili powder and turmeric. Mix well. Add ketchup, lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves and mix. Turn of heat and remove onto a plate. Toast bread on one side, spread some chilli sauce or ketchup, spoon some of the vegetable masala all over and toast the other side of the bread in a few drops of ghee or butter.
Reviews & Discussions

Maza agaya

  • Muhammad shiraz, karachi
  • Fri 29 Dec, 2017

I followed this Masala Toast recipe step by step online on my kitchen slab. But unfortunately it dint turned out to be that good as I was expecting it to be. I can’t recognize my mistake. Can someone help me correct myself?

  • Usman, Lahore
  • Thu 02 Feb, 2017

nice yar maza a gaya

  • maria, karachi
  • Sun 23 Dec, 2012

whow bare mazay ke the

  • misbah, Manshera
  • Fri 12 Oct, 2012


  • misbah, manshera
  • Fri 12 Oct, 2012

buhat maze ke the

  • moonshine, pakistan
  • Wed 03 Oct, 2012