Breakfast recipes in Urdu:

The first meal we take in the morning after waking up is called breakfast. It is said to be like breaking a fast after sleep which is w... ...Read more

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This is the delicious dish ever of mine whole family and this is the looking so spicy who they would like to eat that very eagerly
TAKINAT - multan 4/13/2019 10:03:19 AM
I can make Dalia usually for mine child because they really like to eat that so now I will make it by new one taste who mention here for us
KHALEEL - panjab 4/12/2019 2:53:34 PM
Milky Bread Recipe b...
It makes very nice i like that in home very good recipe best sweet bread
Asfa - Faislabad 1/25/2019 6:06:31 AM
Pizza Paratha
Pizza paratha is best made really good it is like pizza i am made persnally great experience
Kamran - Rawalpindi 1/24/2019 3:30:20 AM
Very nice tasty simple and fast made a dish very best recipe
Tania - Lahore 1/23/2019 6:12:50 AM
Dalia recipe is very good nice made daliya it is very tasteful welldone
Areeba - Lahore 1/23/2019 4:26:16 AM
Pizza Paratha
Pizza Paratha I make this last Saturday and love the taste, its soft spicy & yummy enough, Its really easy to make this homemade pizza paratha I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy it and whole family also like eat.
Shabana - Lahore 10/26/2018 7:44:51 AM
Khagina they only make simple I also make it at home.Khagina has make it many spicy masala It is one of my most favourite comfort food.I try many receipe and I found this receipe its quite easy.
khatiga - rawalpindi 10/3/2018 6:38:16 AM
Milky Bread Recipe b...
Milky Bread Recipe that is rich in taste is one of the lovely sweet Dish its so unique and tasty Its easily make it at home.I have tried and after tasting.I want make my family and that make it so good and delicious taste as everyone like to eat.
tayyaba - karachi 10/3/2018 1:09:19 AM
Milky Bread Recipe b...
Without get any trouble now we easily make this milky bread dish by chef zakir with the every step by step who mention here for us
sadaf - Karachi 10/1/2018 7:23:11 AM

Breakfast recipes in Urdu:

The first meal we take in the morning after waking up is called breakfast. It is said to be like breaking a fast after sleep which is why it is called breakfast. Nutritionists say that breakfast should be healthy and one should eat a good amount of food in the breakfast. Kids sometimes do not take breakfast properly these days but it is now not a big barrier because here we present you with a lot of new and unique breakfast recipes in Urdu. By trying these recipes you will make your children like to take proper breakfast, not only children but the adults also.

Everyone likes taste and variety of food and breakfast cannot be forgotten in this race. Breakfast recipes with eggs and bread are mostly preferred by the masses all around. There are lots of easy breakfast recipes with bread and eggs. You can toast some bread slices with eggs also. Desi breakfast recipes include halwa poori, paratha, Dalia, lahori omelets, and others. People in Punjab Pakistan like to eat paaye and nihari in breakfast with kulcha and naan. The recipes for nikari are also given in the breakfast recipes in urdu.

English breakfast recipes include pancakes, crepes, French omelets, smoothie, sausages and quiches which are also made by eggs. Bakes breakfast recipes are also trending these days. Baked breakfast is included among the healthy breakfast recipes or low carb breakfast recipes. Find Healthy Breakfast menu like American breakfast menu, continental breakfast menu, home breakfast menu, Indian breakfast menu and breakfast recipes and Ideas. Make your breakfast a healthy breakfast by trying our simple and healthy breakfast recipes, each Breakfast recipe is made by professional chef.

Quick breakfast recipes include fried eggs, boiled eggs, sausages, sandwiches, cake rusks, toasted bread with butter or jam or chocolate spread over them. You should take a high protein diet in the breakfast because it is easy to digest it throughout the day.

We present breakfast menu in Urdu for your convenience to make your daily breakfast exciting and worth eating. Here we have an abundance of breakfast recipes which are tasty and flavorsome. You may also look up for the recipes from famous chefs of Pakistan like breakfast recipes by Shireen Anwar, chef Zakir chef Asad and many more. Learn how to make a healthy breakfast by trying our Breakfast Menu that has almost over hundreds of Breakfast dishes over here you will also find the Breakfast Menu recipes in Urdu.