Pasta Easy And Yummy Recipe

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Pasta Recipe – Pasta belongs to traditional Italian cuisine and is renowned worldwide. It is a stable food which is a noodle made from unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed Read More

Pasta Recipe – Pasta belongs to traditional Italian cuisine and is renowned worldwide. It is a stable food which is a noodle made from unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or egg and made into various shapes. Pasta comes in two categories; dried, and fresh. Every mother loves to cook Pasta Recipe for their children. Now you can prepare delicious Pasta easy and yummy at home within no time. Pasta recipe can be prepared with chicken, mince meat, or vegetables online on this page. Follow the recipe as it is to get the perfect aroma and taste. Hide


Cooking Paste Recipe: ( Two Table Spoons ) or Depends on the quantity of Macronies

Imlee Paste ( Half of the quantity of Cooking Paste )

Vinegar as if needed

Soya sauce ( 3-4 drops )

Chill sauce ( 3-4 drops )


Step 1: Phele ak daygchi mein Pani dalein aur us mein Macronies dal dein aur boil karein jub tak Macronies naraam na hojaein ..

Step 2: Macronies boil karne k bad Thandey pani mein dal dein jub tak ap Fry pan mein Oil dalein Oil sirf utana ho k macronies jalein na ..

Step 3: Jub tak Oil garam hota hai ap ek bowl mein Cooking Paste , Imlee Paste , Vinegar, Soya Sauce , Chill Sauce dal k Paste bunna lein..

Step 4: Macronies ko thande pani se nikal kar Fry Pan mein dal dein 5-10 minute tak fry karein ..

Step 5: Jub Macronies Fry hojain tou bannaya hoa Paste Macronies per Dal dein aur Fry Pan ko dhak dein..

Step 6 : 10 minute k baad fry pan se apne Yummy pasta ko nikal k serve karein ..

Serving Way Additional : Black plate mein Pasta dal kar us plate k corners mein harri piyaz set kardein aur uper halka halka se Zeera add kardein , Sath mein Cold drink serve karein...

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Pasta easy and yummy i like pasta it is amazing made very good recipe
By: Farhat, Form: Lahore, on 31 Jan, 2019
Pasta Easy And Yummy is so good in taste and it is also has the best ingredients This recipe treat me that how to make the Chicken Pasta with the best taste what you will definitely love and this is really good to see that thing and my family eat and was like to and also appreciating me.
By: zoya khan, Form: karachi, on 25 Sep, 2018
Make your table with full of tasty dishes which is now available by the best chef’s in the Pakistan and here you can get it for free
By: Sana, Form: ka, on 23 Feb, 2018
This will be my first time to attempt Pasta. Also, I am so happy, energized, yet somewhat apprehensive on what to do. What's more, by what method will it taste? I don't know whether everyone will like it or not.
By: ali, Form: guj, on 26 Jan, 2018
In the minimum time I can easily made the Pasta with the help for this available recipe which is so good to taste and amazing for making the day better
By: areeba, Form: Panjab, on 12 Dec, 2017
My relative instructed me to make this pasta and I made it in the blink of an eye just by following this formula. It would be ideal if you continue sharing such sort of efficient formulas here on this site.
By: eshaal, Form: Karachi, on 11 Dec, 2017
Make the pasta with the easiest way in your home because this is the coolest recipe of making Yummy Pasta with some cheesy style
By: Asia, Form: Karachi, on 30 Nov, 2017
Mine grandfather make this dish of pasta very well and now I have this recipe of pasta so I will make it tomorrow by this recipe who I really like to eta that
By: zeenia, Form: panjab, on 14 Nov, 2017