Steam Chicken Roll Recipe

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Steam Chicken Roll Recipe is one of the most loving snacks that you can enjoy in evening or during travel and currently you may enjoy it in iftar with chutney.


250 gm Chicken mince (boiled)

1 Finely sliced onion

1 cup Sliced cabbage

1 packet Roll stripes

4-5 Sliced green chilies

1/2 cup Spring onion Sliced

1 tsp Black pepper crushed

1 tsp Red chili flakes

1 tbsp Garlic crushed

as required Plain flour

for garnishing Salad leaves

for garnishing Finely sliced cucumber

for garnishing Sliced tomato

to taste Salt


Add plain flour to requirement in luke warm water and mix. In a mixing bowl, add a cup of sliced cabbage, 250 grams boiled minced chicken,1/2 cup sliced spring onion, 4 to 5 finely sliced green chilies, 1 tbsp crushed garlic, salt to taste, 1 tsp red chili flakes and 1 tsp crushed black pepper and mix.

Fill this mixture in roll stripes and use plain flour mix to stick the edges of stripes. In a steamer, boil water and keep chicken rolls to steam.

Place rolls in a serving dish and garnish wish lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato and serve.

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