Three Colored Zarda Recipe

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Zarda recipe is an Indian Pakistani most famous traditional sweet dish. It has different color of rice with kohya and dry fruits that increase the taste of zarda recipes.


• Basmati Rice 1/2 Kg

• Sugar 1/2 Kg

• Water 8Cup

• Ghee 1/2Cup

• Green Cardamom 6

• Clove 6

• Coconut Slices 1/2Cup

• Khoya 1Cup

• Almonds Sliced 2 Tbsp

• Pistachio Sliced 2 Tbsp

• Ashrafis Sliced Red 2 Tbsp

• Ashrafis Sliced Green 2 Tbsp

• Red Color Few Drops

• Green Color Few Drops

• Yellow Color Few Drops


Cooking Time : 30 min
Serving : 2 to 4 persons

Soak 1/2 kg rice for half an hour, boil 8 cups water with salt, 6 green cardamoms and 6 cloves, add rice and cook till nearly done, drain and keep aside, in a pan put 1/2 cup ghee with 1 cup water and 1/2 kg sugar and cook, stirring until the sugar dissolves and turns into a thick syrup, when the syrup starts to boil add in boiled rice along with 2 tbsp sliced almonds and 2 tbsp sliced pistachios, cover pan and cook on a medium flame, open lid after 5 minutes, when the syrup starts to dry, lower flame add in all the three colors, simmer for 10 minutes, lastly sprinkle 1 cup Khoya and 2 tbsp green and red color ashrafis.

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1 kilo zrda bnany k liay cheeni kitni hni chaheay ml
By: Maneeha, Form: Rawalpindi , on 10 Sep, 2019
This three colored zarda is so delicious recipe dish ever who mine whole family really like to; eat that very eagerly of mine hand made
By: tooba, Form: islamabad, on 23 Apr, 2018
Every child really like to eat this three colored zarda and this is the easiest recipe to make it at home which usually I make it for mine family as they like to eat this colorful zarda
By: eeman, Form: karachi, on 22 May, 2017
My sister is really like zarda she is very eager about the zarda and the any sweet dishes usually I make sweet dishes for my little sister
By: shareef, Form: karachi, on 06 Oct, 2016
Colorful, tempting, and aromatic dessert titled Three Colored Zarda is the most amazing thing to enjoy at home. I am all excited to make this recipe on any upcoming family occasion.
By: Zohra, Form: Lahore, on 01 Jul, 2016
Are you in a mood to cook something different than the usual food that you eat at home? Then try out Three Colored Zarda recipe and I am sure this will change your perception and will make you try other recipes from this platform.
By: yumna, Form: khi, on 03 Jun, 2016
I think the three colored Zarda and the usual zarda both are same in the taste but many peoples like this new three colored Zarda due to the attractive display, I can make it.
By: kanwal, Form: khi, on 17 May, 2016
Three Colored Zarda recipe seems yummy and delicious. I dont know making desserts but yes I do want to try making this colorful Desi dessert as it suits with my main course menu for dawat.
By: Komal, Form: Karachi, on 12 May, 2016
Its great three coloued zarda finally I found its recipe. I did not know its name. But it was very tasty when I ate it in a wedding. Thanks for the recipe. 😊👍
By: Saira, Form: Karachi, on 08 May, 2016
Usually I purchase zarda from the pakwan house but when I view the whole method of preparation of Colored Zarda, I decide to try this at home for that I am noting the name of all the ingredients.
By: Uzma, Form: khi, on 29 Apr, 2016