Whole Stuffed Camel Recipe

Whole Stuffed Camel Recipe is regarded among the popular dishes. Read the complete Whole Stuffed Camel Recipe with ingredient details and method. It is a simple recipe and all required ingredients are easily available. Prepare the dish as per the Whole Stuffed Camel Recipe from top chefs and add the true flavor or taste to your food. You can also share this recipe with your friends and family members.


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Amir from Karachi
  1. 1 whole camel, medium size
  2. 1 whole lamb, large size
  3. 20 whole chicken, medium size
  4. 60 eggs
  5. 12 kg rice
  6. 2 kg pine nuts
  7. 2 kg almonds
  8. 1 kg pistachio nut
  9. 110 gallons water
  10. 5 lbs black pepper
  11. salt
  • Skin, trim and clean camel (once you get over the hump), lamb and chicken.
  • Boil until tender.
  • Cook rice until fluffy.
  • Fry nuts until brown and mix with rice.
  • Hard boil eggs and peel.
  • Stuff cooked chickens with hard boiled eggs and rice.
  • Stuff the cooked lamb with stuffed chickens.
  • Add more rice.
  • Stuff the camel with the stuffed lamb and add rest of rice.
  • Broil over large charcoal pit until brown.
  • Spread any remaining rice on large tray and place camel on top of rice.
  • Decorate with boiled eggs and nuts.
  • Serves a friendly crowd of 80-100.
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Reviews & Discussions

Unrealistic !! How do you boil a camel?

  • Akhter Ali, california
  • Sun 27 Sep, 2015