10 Rejuvenating Things You Must Do If You Are In Abbottabad

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Abbottabad is where the journey to heaven begins. It’s often deemed as the gate of paradise. However, you don’t just need to admire the beauty of this city while on your way to Northern areas; stop for a few days and enjoy this city to the fullest. You will fall in love with it for sure.

Here are some things you must do if you are in Abbottabad.

Visit the sacred Ilyasi Mosque fed by freshwater springs and full of legends

Go for hiking in the Shimla Hills

Go for an exciting ride of the Chairlift, enjoying breathtaking views
Go for a picnic to the beautiful Harnoi Lake
Escape to the Lady Garden on a fine Sunday morning
Have the delicious Pakoras and Chapli Kebabs which Abbottabad is so famous for
Go for skiing when nature gives a beautiful snow blanket in winter
Go for a day trip to the stunning hill station of Thandiani
 Visit Haripur with your significant other for a romantic getaway
Visit the famous St. Luke’s church and experience the stunning architecture
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