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Meaning : Lucky
Meaning : Life; Sweet Hear..

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Talin Misheet Ujal
Yashodh Shikin Rhyah
Malhari Paarbra Ishita
Peyusha Yathira Chunti
Nagaraj Mandagi Janmeya
Devadev Dhanapa Achille
Sathya Rajashi Shyam
Vaisak Sajith Rasmaru
Sahiram Abhraya Shamaka
Sri Bhupath Sudhith
Shardhy Rajshri


Hindu name - Naming a new born baby is a moment of pride for the parents and family. In a Hindu family, there is a certain customary system followed to choose a suitable Hindu name for the new born. Pundits decide the suitable Hindu Name for boy and Hindu Name for girl. The horoscope for new born Hindu baby is created depending on the factors of child’s birth location, date of birth, and time of birth. Mostly Hindu Pundits give the suitable alphabet to parents after considering his/ her Janam Kundali then parents select the best Hindi name that starts with the given alphabet. Hindu Names Meaning is also provided by the Pundits along with the suggested name. Hindu parents who are in search of latest and trendy Hindu names for boys and girls can take suggestion from this platform. Hindu names with impressive meanings, and simpler pronunciation is preferred. In order to search latest and unique Hindu boy names and Hindu girl names parents can use this online page.

Presenting a huge database of Hindu baby names that can ease the tension of Hindu parents. From old to new, traditional to fashionable trending Hindu names, this page has stocked huge variety one can ask for. Popular Hindu Boys Names and popular Hindu Girls Names section lists down huge variety of famous Hindu names that are inspired from Bollywood, and mythological heroes etc. Online users residing in Pakistan, India, and Middle East can easily access this page for Hindu names hunting.

Celebrate your child’s birth with pride and pick suitable Indian Name for your infant. You can browse through selecting the desired gender names on the top searching bar. Hindu Names of the day section of this page probably helps you to choose the right name for your baby. We bring you a fine and unique list of Hindu names for boys and girls based on Rashi information. The Hindi Names and Meanings are also given along with other relevant details. Hindu parents living abroad or in India can even search Indian Baby Names with ease from this page. Suggest this page to your friends or family on social media as a suggestion.


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I want to know that ARHAN is mulim name or hindu name? What is the meaning of this name? Can i keep this name to a muslim boy?

Firoz Khan , Patna Thu 15 Nov, 2018

my name

indudhar , tirupati Thu 15 Nov, 2018

Is my name

Dina , Bowling green Tue 13 Nov, 2018

Hello sir happy happy name to my name isShamkumar

Shamkumar Mn , Bangalore Tue 13 Nov, 2018

Because peaceful

ssmika , jaipur Tue 06 Nov, 2018