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Meaning : Greater Glory
بزرگ شریف، نیک دل انسان ،نیک
Meaning : Reddish-Yellow P..
آسمان،فلک، نیلا آسمان

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Abu-Tur - بوتراب Anabia - انابیہ Arham - ارحام
Ayesha - عائشہ Inaya - عنایا Aiza - عائزہ
Aryan - آریان Aaira - آئرہ Ayaan - آیان
Fatima - فاطمہ Zayan - زیان Sana - ثنا
Haniya - ہانیہ Azlan - ازلان Ayan - آیان
Zain - زین Abeeha - ابیھا Eshaal - عشال
Zoya - زویا Ali - علی Rohaan - روحان
Anas - انس Rehan - ریحان Hareem - حریم
Huzaifa - حذیفہ Hamza - حمزہ Aayan - عایان
Rayan - ریعان Laiba - لائبہ Aiman - ایمن
Aqsa - اقصیٰ Arish - عریش Saad - سعد
Imran - عمران Maira - مائرہ Anam - انعم
Amyra - امیرا Taimoor - تیمور Sufian - سفیان
Muntaha - منتہا Zonaira - زنیرہ Zara - زارہ
Mahira - ماہرہ Hamdan - حمدان Rumaisa - رومیسہ
Zeeshan - ذیشان Aaron - ارون Hafsa - حفصہ
Areesha - عریشہ Zainab - زینب umar - عمر
Sarim - صارم Umaima - امیمہ Manahil - مناهل
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Islamic Names – If you are searching for Islamic baby names then you just landed on a right page. On this page you will find a large collection of Islamic names with good meaning and easy-on-tongue phonetics.

You can now browse all Islamic names by alphabetic order on this page.

Let’s also review the actual concept of a “name”, before we move further.

A Name is a gift we receive upon gaining physical existence on Earth. It is a prayer from our elders which gradually becomes our identity. Let’s suppose a baby is born into a family, she has been gifted the name, “Tazeen” which means “Adornment in a literal sense. As she grows up, it becomes her identity. The profound being of human cannot be complimented in a single word but the one word which is repeatedly used to address the particular being of human, who is a result of magical QUNFAYAQUN from the most divine, Allah, will be heavily influenced by her name Tazeen, which means adornment and ornament.

All of our lives, we think a name is merely a reference to our beings but in reality, it serves more than just the reference. Takht-nasheen sultans wished for their babies, strong, powerful and rich names so that when their children are referred, they are more complimented than just being addressed or referred. These compliments in the form of names work as affirmations or say wishes for your children. If you call your son brave, your son is more likely to focus on his trait of being actually brave. And that is why you should always explain in detail to your children about the names they have so they can be positively influenced and feel complimented every time they are called by their names. Tell them what names they have, their meanings and how they are suitable for them. This is the first stone you set for your children’s self-confidence development.

Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran - Therefore, it is essential to choose right name with relevant meaning for your beloved children. Once you understand how important and valued names are, the next step is to start finding it.

Being born in a Muslim family is certainly a blessing and the newborn is introduced to the family by giving ‘Azaan’ in his/ her ear and by pronouncing suitable Islamic names with relevant meaning. Islamic name means any name which has appropriate meanings or is well-meant. Muslims like to follow Prophets, Prophet’s wives, Sufi or Walli’s name to gift names to their own babies so as they grow up, the influence of name show in form of similarities between their child and the great personality whose name they have taken from.


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I like this name

Sahirkhan , Kalmunai Wed 16 Oct, 2019

My baby brother used to call me Majiiii and that inded was too beautiful to listen

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Me it's mine

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