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Meaning : Generous
عظیم, احسان کرنے, بہت ہی سخی، فیاضی باطل عقائد توڑنے والا
Meaning : Perfume
خوشبو،مہک،پھول كی خوشبو ، ہری گھاس ،پھول كی مہک ، سرسبز

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Anabia - انابیہ Arham - ارحام Inaya - عنایا
Aiza - عائزہ Aryan - آریان Ayesha - عائشہ
Fatima - فاطمہ Ayaan - آیان Eshaal - عشال
Zayan - زیان Haniya - ہانیہ Aaira - آئرہ
Huzaifa - حذیفہ Azlan - ازلان Hareem - حریم
Rohaan - روحان Zain - زین Abeeha - ابیھا
Zoya - زویا Aqsa - اقصیٰ Ayan - آیان
Sana - ثنا Rayan - ریعان Umaima - امیمہ
Aiman - ایمن Zeeshan - ذیشان Rumaisa - رومیسہ
Laiba - لائبہ Anas - انس Ali - علی
Sarim - صارم Muntaha - منتہا Hamdan - حمدان
Sufian - سفیان Arish - عریش Zainab - زینب
Amyra - امیرا Hafsa - حفصہ Anam - انعم
Manahil - مناهل Areesha - عریشہ Imran - عمران
Zara - زارہ Mahira - ماہرہ Hamza - حمزہ
Taimoor - تیمور Azhaan - أذهان Zonaira - زنیرہ
Isha - عشا Rimsha - رمشا Ahil - آہل
Kashaf - کشف Rehan - ریحان Areeba - أريبا
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18th March 2019: Most searched Muslim names are Ejaz, Rehan, Maria, Amber, Seema name of today

Islamic Names – NAME is not just a four letter word that gives you identity; it also defines your origin, and which religion you belong to. Islamic name strikes the cord in your mind that the person is Muslim. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right Islamic name with impressive meaning.

Being born in a Muslim family is certainly a blessing. The new born is introduced to the family by giving ‘Azaan’ in his/ her ear and by pronouncing suitable Islamic name with meaning.

Proud parents wait for this glorious moment when they could assign suitable Islamic name for their new born. In this regard, selection of Muslim names has to be accurate.

Many a times, elders of the family give their suggested Islami name to the parents of the new born. Sometimes these suggestions are worthy, but sometimes it adds to the confusion of the parents as suggestions are old fashioned names.

In order to overcome this challenge, HamariWeb brings you a dedicated platform where you will find numerous Islamic names in Urdu for both baby girls and boys online. As the trends of naming the baby has revolutionized, Muslim families living in Pakistan, India, Middle East, Europe and America have started taking suggestions from reliable online sources for choosing a suitable Muslim name.

Islamic names in English are also available with meaning, and origin. Muslims parents now don’t have to go anywhere for better suggestions, and stick to this Islamic names dictionary. Parents of Pakistani origin can access numerousIslamic names meaning in Urdu, origin, popularity level and all relevant information on this platform. Checking suitable Islamic names meaning in Urdu helps parents to decide about the name.

Elders of the family usually prefer common Name meaning in Urdu that is easy to pronounce. Urdu name meaning mentioned with each Islamic name makes it pretty easier for the parents to select the name. Latest Muslim name meaning in Urdu are updated from time to time on this platform, which is certainly helpful in giving the right suggestions to the parents. Islamic Baby Names are listed along with origin, their relevant meanings, popularity graph for the ease of parents.

You can access the Muslim names in alphabetical order. You can start browsing with your favorite alphabet and discover the ocean of beautiful, unique, and latest Islamic baby names online within minutes. Islamic names with Arabic, Quranic, and Persian roots are high in demand among Muslim families worldwide. Quran Names is likewise favored by the guardians who jump at the chance to pick a reasonable name from Holy Quran. You can discover different important Arabic words in Holy Quran that can be considered as a remarkable name for the new conceived.

Each Islamic name has a particular page that contains the data of gender, origin of the name, Muslim names meaning in both English and Urdu languages. Names meanings, origin; lucky number details are properly mentioned. HamariWeb brings you the opportunity to check out the latest and updated list of Islamic names for Muslim boys and Islamic names for Muslim girls.

You are urged to share the photos of your new born infants with us that can be posted on this page. Continue browsing for famous Islamic names for your little ones from this page. This stage gives valid Muslim Boys and Girls Names Meanings for every single recorded name.


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Abeel Ahmad , Burewala Sun 24 Mar, 2019

Farzana is first and last lovely wife , pretty, beautiful, my heart equanimity

Amjad Khan , Lahore Punjab pakistan Fri 22 Mar, 2019

Hi my name is farrukh ihtesham ,,and im boy,,

Farrukh ihtesham , Faisal abad Fri 22 Mar, 2019

Nice really ture

Ayaan , Pakistan Fri 22 Mar, 2019

maria name best my love i love israr maria

israr , 74900 Wed 20 Mar, 2019