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A name is a basic introduction and identification of any person. Muslim name means that a name must be with guidelines of Islam as well as appropriate in meanings. Here are the 11308 Muslim Names with Top trending name ideas in 2020 are as follows: Anabia Name meaning is It is beautiful Muslim girl name that means Turns towards Allah, fragrance, odor, Arham Name meaning is Mercy, Compassion, most kind, Quranic name , Ayesha Name meaning is Lively Woman Life, alive, well-living, happily living, Inaya Name meaning is Help, care, protection.


Anabia It is beautiful Muslim girl name that means Turns towards Allah, fragrance, odor Girl
Arham Mercy, Compassion, most kind, Quranic name Boy
Ayesha Lively Woman Life, alive, well-living, happily living Girl
Inaya Help, care, protection Girl
Ayaan Gift Of God, Reward, Generosity Boy
Fatima Accustom, Captivating, daughter of the Prophet Girl
Aiza Nobel, woman with outstanding qualities, good character lady Girl
Zayan Beautiful, Hospitable, Graceful Boy
Aaira noble woman, honourable and respectful lady Girl
Aryan Warrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people Boy
Sana Sana name means Resplendence, Brilliance. It is a feminine name and also means To Gaze, Look. Girl
Ayan Gif Of God, Reward, Blessing Boy
Abeeha her father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima Girl
Zoya Zoya a is a wonderful name with an interesting meaning Alive, Loving, Caring Girl Girl
Azlan Lion, Brave, Courageous man Boy
Haniya Joy, Pleasant, To Be Happy Girl
Rehan Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant Boy
Anas Affection, Love, A perosn with qualities of joy and peace, Sahabi name Boy
Zain Beauty, Adornment, Graceful Boy Boy
Imran Happiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted Nation Boy
Ali The High, Champion, Exalted One, islamic fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib Boy
Maira This name means Favorable, Admirable Girl, is well used among the Muslim population. Girl
Huzaifa Wise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion Boy
Zainab Another beautiful but common Muslim name Zainab means Generous, Fragrant Flower,It also belongs to Daughter Of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. Girl
Rohaan As Pure Spirit, Spiritual, Kindhearted, Compassionate Boy
Laiba Gorgeous, Pretty, A beautiful Hoor Of Heaven Girl
Rayan Soft touch, Fresh, paradise gate Boy
Hamza Lion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man Boy
Ayat This striking name with a classic feel means Mark, Sign, Proof, Sign of God's Greatness. Girl
Aqsa Aqsa, an exquisite sounding name, means The mosque name, holy name, perfect in goodness and righteousness in Arabic. Girl
Aayan God’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing Boy
Zara High Status, Exalted, Eastern Splendour, Princess Girl
Arish Righteous, Nobel, A Brave Solider Boy
Eshaal Paradise Flower, Fragrant Flower Of Heaven Girl
Amyra Princess, commander, Highborn Girl Girl
Saad Felicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck. Boy
Mahira Expert, skilled, talented, accomplished, adept Girl
Aiman Aiman is a lovely name that means Righteous, blessed, lucky. Girl
Hoorain Beautiful Eyes, fabulous friend in Paradise and Women of Paradise Girl
Hareem Sanctuary, Sanctum Girl
Shayan Worthy, Deserving, Meriting Boy
Anam Present, Precious Gift from Allah ,which will change the world through her smile Girl
Zeeshan The Glory, Magnificent, High In Dignity Boy
Taimoor Self-Made, (made of) Steel, Strong Boy
Neha A short sweet name Neha means Love, Affection. Girl
Mahnoor Mahnoor means Moon Light in. It is a common Muslim name, phonetically it sounds very soft. Girl
Maryam Variant Of Mary: Bitter, Mother Of Jesus Girl
Hamdan Praise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad" Boy
Sufian Fast Moving, Light, Nimble, Companion Of Prophet Boy
umar Life, Long lived, Name Of A Caliph Boy
Naira radiant, brilliant, full of light Girl
Hafsa Wife of Prophet (SAW), Cub, Young, Lioness Girl
Isha Life, way of life, woman, She who lives Girl
Muntaha The Utmost, Highest Degree, High Status Girl
Rumaisa Wind that scatters dust, hides tracks, footprints Girl
Zonaira Belt, strap, intelligent, wise, Paradise Flower Girl
Faizan Great Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful Man Boy
Ayra Vision-filling, eye-weakening, Respectable Girl
Adnan Settler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradise Boy
Irfan Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom. Boy
Iqra First word of the Quran, To read, To recite Girl
Aaron Exalted One, Enlightened, High Mountain Boy
Fahad Panther, Leopard, Strong, Fast Boy
Arya In Hindu meaning is : Honoured; noble Girl
Umaima Little mother, Be a mother, Little Umm Girl
Kashaf Revelation, Manifestation, Divination, Miracle Girl
Sarim Brave, Courageous, Sharp Sword Boy
Ahil Emperor, Ruler, Great Leader Boy
Sara Pure, Happy, Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Girl
Manahil fountain, spring, Spring of fresh water Girl
Areesha Throne Living, Under an umbrella. built structure Girl
Maria The star of the sea, kind of bird, Bitter, sea of bitterness Girl
Maham Full Moon, Moon light, Wife of mughal emperor Zahir Girl
Salman Safe, Affable, Prophet’s Name, Companion Of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Boy
Humaira From the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha RA one who strives to achieve her utmost best! Girl
Asif Forgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce Boy
Junaid A Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, Warrior Boy
Haris Vigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of Lion Boy
Asad Lion, Virtuous, Fortunate Boy
Usman The young of a lark, a beautiful pen, name of the third Caliph of Islam. Boy
Sadia Lucky, Fortunate, Cheerful, Blessed, Happy Girl
Rizwan Acceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven Boy
Sidra A tree of Berry, tree in heaven, name of a Sahabiyya Girl
Khadija Born prematurely , Early Baby, first wife of the prophet Muhammad (PUBH) Girl
Umair Life, Long-Lived, Intelligent Man Boy
Rida Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God. help's people Girl
Aania Towards, direction, concern. Girl
Husnain Elegant, Handsome Boy, Combined Name Of Prophet’s Grandsons Boy
Abu-Turab Clay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Ali Boy
Ahad One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God Boy
Rimsha Bouquet, Beautiful, Face like moon Girl
Areeba Witty and Smart, wise, intelligent Girl
Rabia Fourth, rainy, fertile, constant, stable Girl
Arsalan Lion, Brave man, Warrior In Afghan Boy
Lubna Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree Girl
Maaz Brave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophet Boy
Maheen Greatest, Fine, Feeble Girl
Abaan Mountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companion Boy
Saba Morning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyr Girl
Afan To Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, Modest Boy
Muskan Smile, Happy, Laughter Girl
Dua WORSHIP, PLEADED, Devotion Girl
Danish Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect Boy
Alina Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate Girl
Ruhi Spiritual, Of spirit, Mystic, Sacred Girl
Farhan Happiness, Laughter, Happy, Cheerful Boy Boy
Hiba Gift”, especially a gift and blessing from God Girl
Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure Girl
Abdullah Servant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Father Boy
Ayaz Cool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmood Boy
Owais Fearless, Experienced Person, Companion of Prophet Boy
Aaima Leader, Ruler, Superior Girl
Saira Name of a bird, Moving, Wandering, Travel Girl
Talha Kind Of A Tree, Fruitful Tree From Heaven, Companion’s Name Boy
Arisha Throne, To Build, Highness Girl
Madiha Worthy of praise( Swahili origin ) Girl
Minahil Fountain, Spring, Spring Of Fresh Water Girl
Ayaat Verses, Messages, Signs Girl
Bushra Happy News Glad Tiding Good Omen. Girl
Ahmed Praise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Boy
Ahmad Much Praised, One of many names of Prophet Muhammad Boy
Arfa High-Status, Best, Sublime, The Mighty Girl
Sameer Jovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friend Boy
Noman Blood, Advice Counselor, Men With Blessings Of Allah Boy
Aleeza Joyful, Cheerful, Happy, Lighthearted Girl
Hashir One Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s Name Boy
Tanisha Born on Monday (Hausa of Nigeria) Girl
Uzair Helper, Strength, Name Of A Prophet Boy
Hasan Beautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of Prophet Boy
Abrar Virtuous, Pious, Great Man Boy
Azhaan Geniuses, Intellects, Wits, Abilities Boy
Bilal Water, Moistening, A Venerable Companion Boy
Kaif Pleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joy Boy
Shahzaib Crown Of A King, Like A King Boy
Faisal Decisive, Judge, Authority, Arbitrator Boy
Kashif Reveler, Explainer, Discovered Boy
Abeera Rose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance. Girl
Kiyan Being, Existence, Essence, Surname Of Persian King Boy
Fiza Wide, Open, Open Hearted, Enlarger, Improver, Who Expands, Magnifier Girl
Urwa Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad Girl
Azan Call To Prayer, Power, Strength Boy
Haram Gentlewoman, Aristocrat, Countess, Empress, Lady, Noble Woman Girl
Moiz Honorable, Respectful, One Who Gives Protection, Allah’s Name Boy
Fabeha Gifted, Fortunate, Lucky Girl
Ifra Significantly, Expert Girl
Uzma Greatest, More Magnificent, Supreme, More Glorious Girl
Mishal Light, Radiance, Bright Flame Girl
Adyan Religious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of Deen Boy
Mehwish Moon, Beautiful, Pretty, Moon Face Girl
Asma Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent Girl
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Islamic Baby Names with Meanings- Name has a key significance on any person’s life as it reveals much information about his/her personality, religion, origin, etc. However, Muslim families also give high value to the names of their children.

In Muslim families, after giving Azaan in the ear of a newborn, family members look for his /her suitable Islamic name.

Parents wait for this moment so they can assign suitable Islamic names for their newborn. In this regard, the selection of Muslim names has to be accurate.

Elders of the family usually give their suggestion about Muslim Names for the newborn baby. Sometimes these suggestions are worthy, but sometimes it adds to the confusion of the parents as suggestions are old fashioned names.

To overcome this issue, we developed a dedicated platform where you can find several Islamic names in Urdu for both baby boys and girls online. The trend of giving unique Muslim baby boy names and unique Muslim baby girl names is also prevailing in Muslim families. However, parents from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan are using reliable sources for picking a suitable Muslim name.

Islamic names in English are also available on this website with the origin and meaning. Now Muslim parents do not need to go anywhere else for the improved suggestions and can use the Islamic names dictionary.

If you are a Pakistani origin parent, you can access numerous Islamic names meaning in Urdu, origin, popularity level, and all relevant information on this platform. Checking suitable Islamic names meaning in Urdu helps parents to decide about the name.

Elders of the family usually prefer common Name meaning in Urdu that is easy to pronounce. The latest Muslim name meaning in Urdu is also updated from time to time on this platform, which is certainly helpful in giving the right suggestions to the parents.

The Muslim names on this website are present in alphabetical order. You can just browse to the favorite alphabet and to discover the vast collection of the latest Muslim names for your child within a few minutes.

What are famous Muslim Names in Pakistan?

When talk about popular male Muslim Names in Pakistan, Muhammad, Salman, Rayan, Haider and Ali are the most common Muslim boy names. However, Ayesha, Fatima, Zainab, and Hoorain are the famous girl Muslim names.

Which castes names are popular in Pakistan?

Different castes and ethnic groups are present in Pakistan and it is a reason that ethnic names from Balochi, Sindhi, Gilgiti, Kashmiri, Pashtun, Punjabi, and Saraiki names are popular.

What is the Muslim Name?

Muslim Name or Islamic Name is a name that is assigned to a baby boy or girl at the time of his/her birth. Usually, these names are associated with Islamic personalities or cultural heritage.

Why the meanings of Muslim Urdu Names are important?

Names have much significance in Islam. It creates great impact on life of any person, it is a reason that we should know the meanings of Muslim Urdu names that we are assigning to child.

How can I choose Muslim Names for Babies?

If you are picking a name from Asma Ul Husna, then you should write Abdul before the name. You should not assign a name which has bad meaning or related to idolatry or polytheism.

Are all Arabic names Islamic?

No, Arabic is just a language, and you should check the meaning of name before assigning it to your baby boy or girl. However, names of Sahabas and Aulia Karam are Islamic names.

What are common Arabic names?

Arabic names are highly popular in Middle East countires. However, some of them are the most common ones such as Omar, Khalil, Maryam, Amira, Yousef, Zahra etc.

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Lots of the names here like Parviz are purely IRANIAN or Persian or Farsi. It has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Yes, Muslim use these names but names are NOT Muslim names as they mentioned here. Iranians (Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Christians) or Tajik or Afghan people use these names. This labels of Muslim names is really misleading!!!!

Shabnam , 94536 Wed 08 Jul, 2020

My sister name is Faiza and her personality truly follows the Faiza name meaning. The name means winner and victorious and she has achieved a lot in her life. She has not just excelled in her academic life but now also working on a big post at a multinational company. May Allah bless her more.

Nida , lahore Wed 08 Jul, 2020

I am looking for a good baby boy name for my child and just found it here on As per the Owais name meaning, the name belongs from a close companion of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). I suggest all of you to consider this name for your baby child.

Zia , karachi Wed 08 Jul, 2020

my daughter nam is AIMA Mahshahallah

faiqa , PESHAWAR Wed 08 Jul, 2020

its aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeesome !!!!!!

dania maira , shah alam Tue 07 Jul, 2020