Tamil Girl Names Born in 2023

A baby girl is considered very auspicious in a family because the parents will be happy and think of their girl baby as Goddess Mahalakshmi herself, who brings prosperity and wealth. Similarly, a girl child will sincerely listen to her parents, grow up well, study hard, and uphold the name and glory of the home where she was born even after marriage. As a result, the parents will carefully and meticulously select the best Tamil girl names born in 2023.

Tamil culture is more than just a treasure trove of various traditions practiced by Tamils all over the world. It also has a large collection of Tamil names for girls born in 2023. It has a large collection of traditional and modern Tamil girl baby names.If you're looking for some of the best Tamil baby girl names, here's a list below in this blog.

The naming ceremony is known as the 'Thottil' ceremony among Tamilians. Two weeks after the baby's birth, the family, close relatives, and friends gather to name the baby. They each say the baby's name three times to the newborn. This is followed by the father writing the baby's name on a platter of rice.

Best Tamil Girl Names Born In 2023

Names English Meaning
Aavani The earth, First month of Tamil calendar, the First month of tamil calendar
Ezhil Beauty, A very beautiful woman
Granthana Book, These people have good communication skills, help those who loose the heart.
Ehimaya An all pervading intellect, One who is an all prevading intelligent
Kalai Kalai name means Chripping of Birds
Mekala Myrtle, Very good in drawing, highest quality of Art talented person
Tamilarasi Queen of Tamil language, She who is a Queen of the Tamil
Kanala Kanala name means The Shinning Sun

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