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  Mudassar Mudassar Name Meaning
  Name Mudassar
مدثر   نام
  Gender Boy
لڑكا   جنس
  Meaning --
حضرت محمد کا لقب، چادر اوڑھنے وال   معنی
  Origin Arabic
عربی   زبان
  Lucky Number 6 ?

Mudassar Name Meanings in Urdu - Muslim Boys & Muslim Girls Names Dictionary and their meanings in Urdu & english with Lucky Number including what is the meaning of Mudassar. Find Mudassar meaning and definition at name dictionary a Best place to find your accurate name meanings in Urdu. Mudassar name reviews, Origin, gender, rating an many more about Mudassar .

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How do u find this name? Mudassar

Mudassir is my hubby name i like sooooooo much my hubby name n i love him alotz

mudassur , khi Wed 08 Apr, 2015

My Name is Ahmedd Mudassar and I am very happy with this name

Ahmed Mudassar , Raichur India Thu 05 Mar, 2015

So nice my name Muddasir of tha meaning handsome or lucky no 6 or 8

Muddasir , shaidu Wed 11 Feb, 2015

My name is MUDASIR & it is Islamic name meaning Handsome. I'm from kashmir.

MUDASIR , SRINAGAR Sun 04 Jan, 2015

my son name is MOHAMMAD MUDDASSIR & 1st i love name MUDDASSIR then my son.

DR K.B , shikarpur Fri 14 Nov, 2014



Thank you Hozaifa from Kolkata for such clarity in your comment about the meaning of my name, Muddassar (and I am female).

Ms Muddassar Mukhtar Mirza , London Sun 28 Sep, 2014

Subhan Allah!

Mudassir Khan , Saudi Arabia Sat 16 Aug, 2014

very great Name

Mudassar Iqbal , islamabad Wed 09 Jul, 2014

What is mean of mudasir , i think mudasir is mohammed ( nabi ) name

Mudasir , Sat 21 Jun, 2014

Best name of world

Mudasir Raza , Tando Muhammad Khan Fri 20 Jun, 2014

the correct spell as Arabic ascent is" Muthassir "

Mudassar , [email protected] Mon 12 May, 2014

My name is Mudassir and i love my name

M.Mudassir.Sharif , KKK Sun 23 Mar, 2014



It's not mudassar, mudasir, mudassir. Mudassar is totally wrong. It's difficult to pronounce Arabic words exactly from English version. Incorrect spelling and pronunciation of arabic word can change the whole meaning of that word and can put you in trouble. The correct spelling is "MUD-DAS-SIR" thou can't be exactly pronounced by just seeing english version unless one has seen the arabic version. There is TASDEEQ both on DAAL and SE in that name. Hence the correct spelling "MUD-DAS-SIR". MUDDASSIR is very beautiful and characteristic & unique name of Hazrat Mohammad s.a.w. which means a "cloaked person" since Hazrat Mohammad s.a.w. used to cloak himself most of the time. So ALLAAH loved his cloaked get-up and addressed him once as "YAA AH-YO-AL MUDDASSIR" which means "O CLOAKED PERSON". This is the extract of the verses of Glorious QUR'AAN from Surath No 74 i.e. Surath Muddassir and Para No 29. I hope, I have tried to correct it to some extent. JazaakALLAAH. (Hozaifa)

Hozaifa , Kolkata Sat 01 Feb, 2014

I like my name vry much because it is islamic Mudassar butt

Mudassar butt , Mandi bahauddin Mon 27 Jan, 2014

It mean's the guy which is save his repotution in front of this world.

Mudassar shaikh , Pune Thu 19 Dec, 2013

i proud it that my name is mudassar because it's islamic name

MUDASSAR , Lahore Sat 07 Dec, 2013

muddassar kamal is my son he is only 2 year old he is very beautiful and well discipliend may ALLAH give him long and best life aameen.From Rafiullah SWAT

Rafiulllah , mingora Thu 31 Oct, 2013

i like mudassir name because it is the of one of my best friend he is very nice he shares every thing to every one i like mudassir.

munaf , india,hydrabad Sun 20 Oct, 2013