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Baby Muslim Boys Names - Find the unique & popular baby Muslim Boys Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Muslim Boys Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

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Muslim Boys Names
Aabid - عابد Aabidee - عابدین Aabinus - آبنوس
Aadam - آدم Aadeel - عدیل Aadil - عادل
Aadroop - -- Aafreen - -- Aagha - --
Aaghaa - -- Aaghaa - آغا Aaid - آيد
Aakif - آکف Aalam - عالم Aalamge - عالمگیر
Aalif - آلف Aalim - عالم Aameen - آمین
Aamer - آمر Aamil - اعمل Aamin - آمین
Aamir - عامر Aaqaa - آقا Aaqib - عاقب
Aarib - عريب Aarif - عارف Aaron - ارون
Aarzam - رزم Aarzu - آرزو Aas - عاص
Aasaal - اسال Aasaf - آصَف Aasil - اصیل
Aasim - عاصم Aatazaz - اعتزاز Aazaad - آزاد
Aazam - اعظم A'azz - اعاز Abaan - ابان
Ab'ab - اعباب Ababil - ابابیل Abad - عباد
Abadah - عبادہ Abadard - ابدرد Abadi - آبادی
Abadila - عبادلت Abadiya - أبدية Abahh - أباه
Abaid - عبید Abaj - آبج Abakhta - اباختر
Aban - ابان Aban - ابن Abanjar - ابنجر
Abann - ابن Abannak - آبَننَک

Islamic Boys Name

Muslim Boys Name – Calling a newborn baby with his name is the desired dream of every parent. The process of selecting/choosing the preferable baby name begins even before the birth is announced. In Muslim family , the newborn is given a suitable Muslim Boy Name with magnificent/stunning meanings. Commonly it is known/said that the birth of a male child leads towards more joy to the family. Muslim Boys Name is widely searched, advised and after taking lots of recommendations that are poured in from everywhere, (mostly from elders) parents are able to finalize a suitable Islamic Boys name .

As per technology is involved in every aspect and has been commonly used by everyone so parents started to search names online. So Islamic Boy’s Name is a more realistic and authentic online platform for parents who are seeking a unique Islamic boy’s names for their newly born baby. They can evaluate between millions of Muslim boys name gathered from different platforms which are listed in huge numbers, along with their origin meanings with respect to its all details (history). This Islamic boy’s name platform is ideal and trending for those who want to extract a unique name for their newly born baby so they can have a variety of Islamic Muslim boy’s name. Listing the boys Islamic names alphabetically is the best way as it eases the name hunting process. It’s the process of browsing and examining the baby names from your favorite alphabet. Available in an alphabetical format from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ so can use the most of the entire collection of Islamic Boy’s name.

Trendy, meaningful and unique Muslim Boys Names that easy to pronounce and have pleasant meaning are the first choice of parents. Islamic boy’s name that are influenced from history (from where the name belongs to), Muslim Sahabas’s, Muslim Warrior’s and Muslim Sufi Saints names are also available with their meaning and origin details. Basically we provide an exclusive database web page that offers’ you with a numerous variety of Muslim Boys Name with respect to Islam. Our web page also indicates the popularity graph and other related information in both English and Urdu languages.

This is the place where you can find and access all of the Muslim Boys Name at one destination for all trending and unique Muslim Boys Name with all the relevant details here. You can even click on your favorite alphabet to check out the massive collections of Muslim Boy Names to name your upcoming or newly born baby boy. The list is extremely large to fulfill and satisfy the requirement of getting better suggestions. Parents living all around the globe, especially for those who are living in Pakistan, India,USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and UK can facilitate from this page to choose and select unique and trending Urdu boy names. The Desi Asian Peoples can check out Boys Islamic names in Urdu for assistance and better understanding. Muslim Boys Name meaning in Urdu is the most trending among Pakistani families.

The users can have an overview of a huge database of Muslim Boys Name along with their proper meaning in Urdu, origin, gender and religion information. You can find all the relevant information about Islamic Boys Name with all of their relevant information.

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Thnk you so much this name is so beautiful


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Abdul Ahad
I want to know the meaning of name Tawooz (Aaozubillah .........). Only Meaning Please.

Adnan Ali , Peshawar Wed 14 Nov, 2018

shokrr hy mery khudya

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Because that is my name?

Arslan Ali Arain , Dadu Tue 13 Nov, 2018

because its my name and my lucky number is nine\9

adan , surabaya Tue 13 Nov, 2018

From my parents

zubair khan , karachi Tue 13 Nov, 2018

It is a very beautiful and good meaning name .

NIHAL , LUCKNOW Tue 13 Nov, 2018

Nice and meaningful name

Sumon , Dhaka Tue 13 Nov, 2018