Afifa Name meaning 336 Likes

Gender Girl
Meaning Virtuous
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 2 ?
عفیفہ   نام
لڑكی   جنس
پارسا عورت، نیک عورت، پاک باز، پرہیز گار عورت   معنی
عربی   زبان
2 ?   لکی نمبر
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Afifa is a Muslim baby Girl name, it is an Arabic originated name. Afifa name meaning is Virtuous and the lucky number associated with Afifa is 2. Find all the relevant details about the Afifa Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page. Average rating of Afifa is 4 stars, based on 20 reviews. Afifa meaning has been search 112478 one hundred and twelve thousand four hundred and seventy-eight times till 29 March, 2017.

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Rating: 4 / 5
Votes Casts 15
Popularity 112478
Likes 336
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How do u find this name? Afifa

The name belong to my girlfriends

Hammad , Abdul hakim Mon 20 Mar, 2017

Most beautiful and cute girls are of this name

Salhauddin , Chitradurga Fri 17 Mar, 2017

I feel proud on name afifa ..

Afifa malik , Karachi Thu 23 Feb, 2017

Umm does my and this name means same mine is afeefa and this is afifa I am confused

Afeefa , Faisalabad Thu 15 Dec, 2016

Such a nice name bcz its my name Afifa naz

afifa naz , Karachi Mon 12 Dec, 2016

I hate this because afifa sheikh bewafa hai

waseem khan , morabadab Fri 25 Nov, 2016

The name belongs to my girlfriend

Akeel , Srinagar Sun 04 Sep, 2016

i have chooen name of my daughter AFIFA MATHIN how is it

Moula ali , karnataka Mon 29 Aug, 2016

i love coz i own it ...

affifa , ghtdgyf Thu 11 Aug, 2016

I love this name because it's my name So lovely and cute it is

afifa uppal , rawalpindi Sat 02 Apr, 2016

I love this name because it's my name So lovely and cute it is

afifa uppal , rawalpindi Sat 02 Apr, 2016

My daughter name is also Afifa Tabassum Shaik. and the meaning given for this name truly right and it is practically proved. so i am proud to be a father of Afifa Tabassum.Shaik

Hassan Basha , Kurnool Tue 02 Feb, 2016


afifa , bahawalpur Tue 22 Dec, 2015

Name is so nice....It is said that the name affects the life of a person whom it is given, may it make the daughters given this name, noble and virtuous. ... aameen

Zunair , Lahore, Pakistan Sat 19 Dec, 2015

Vry nice dautar naam

afifa , okara Tue 15 Dec, 2015

allah hamesha khus rakkhe

afifa , mallapur'''''sitapur Mon 05 Oct, 2015

such a beautiful name.......i got..AFIFA...

Afifa Tanweer , singrauli Mon 14 Sep, 2015

Its reality about result of afifa's name.

[email protected] , lahore Mon 06 Oct, 2014

I love dis name bcaz my name is afifa

Afifa Anam , Dadday pakistan Wed 06 Aug, 2014

last time i received 1 baby patient namely afifa she was so cute but i like her name more than her.its too good

umar , islamabad Wed 16 Jul, 2014